Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Heart of Haiti

Do you know what January 12th is? It is the 1 year mark since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti.

Heart of Haiti is an amazing project.
Each of the Heart of Haiti pieces is handmade in Haiti by Haitian Artisans. The Artisans receive 22% of the retail price of each piece sold.
"Heart of Haiti also offers new opportunities for artists to collaborate with US designers, strengthening artisan associations and inspiring and energizing their communities. Men and women are working together, gaining confidence and hope for the future. Master artisans who planned to leave the country are now staying behind to train the next generation. The tradition of rich and unique Haitian art lives on... through the generosity of many like you."

This has to be one of the best things. I actually have a couple of Haitian friends whose families are still in Haiti, suffering. I have heard from them, first hand, how hard it has been. The people in Haiti are still struggling; Heart for Haiti is offering the first sustainable incomes since the earthquake. Right now the people of Haiti still have broken homes, no clothes, no food and a lack of nutrition. Now we have the power to help! Simply make a purchase from the Heart of Haiti Collection and you can directly benefit the Haitian Artisans!

Not only will you be supporting the Haitian Artisans, but you will also receive a gorgeous piece! No matter what piece you decide to buy, I am sure you won't be disappointed! I mean.. Well.. Take a look for yourself!
Here are my favorite pieces:
The Large Heart of Haiti Feast of the Sea Tray: 

The Heart of Haiti Watermelon Bowl:

and there are so much more!

Meet the founder of Heart of Haiti. Her name is Willa Shalit. This is straight from Oprah-
"Willa Shalit has been put on this earth, I think, to allow the rest of us to pretend that our most grasping, selfish impulses are actually noble. Through her company, Fair Winds Trading, she has managed to make shopping meaningful—a way to load up on gorgeous, exotic objects de lust while furthering peace and justice, not to mention improving lives around the world. Bless the woman."

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