Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Kitchen Cabinet Doors from 27estore

I was picked for this review thanks to

The Cabinet Doors from 27estore are such a high quality! I received a small 5x5" sample to see. The sample is amazing.

I really can't do anything with this tiny 5x5 sample, but it was enough to see how great their kitchen cabinet doors are! Even though the sample is really small, the wood itself is quite heavy; it is also pretty thick too.

If I were in the market for new cabinet doors, 27estore would be the first place I checked out!

Oh! I wanted to mention that all of their wood materials are Italian made, and there are 16 different finishes to choose from!
I recommend checking them out for yourself! :)

Disclosure: Small sample was provided to me free of charge to ensure an honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in anyway. Thank to for helping to  partner me up! :)


  1. I would love to redo my kitchen cabinets as they are over 30 years old and beat up by kids n normal wear. I am gonna go look at prices and finishes. Thanks Amanda!

  2. My kitchen is also old and small and in terrible condition. I need a whole new kitchen overhaul.

  3. I purchased doors from 27estore. The doors and the hardware were of very good quality. But unfortunately the jams that came with the doors were very cheaply made. The veneer of the jams was coming off most of them. Because of this I had to throw out the jams and have a local millwork company redo them for me.

  4. Yeah this is really great i love to know about kitchen cabinets and designs.

  5. My kitchen cabinets are due for a change. I thank you so much for the interesting ideas.


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