Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: Surf Showstopper

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The Surf Showstopper is amazing!

As you all know, I live in Florida. I go to the beach quite often, and the Surf Showstopper is amazing for that!

When me and Aaron go to the beach we always have the same issue. Where to put the keys, money and everything else we've brought along? Well, you definitely don't want to leave it in your car, and it's not really safe to leave it under your towel. Me and Aaron like to walk all up and down the beach, and it's really not that fun when you have to stay within a close distance to keep an eye on your personals.

I am so impressed with the idea of the Surf Showstopper. It's kindof like a fanny pack. It has 2 zippers to keep your stuff in, and it stays put on your wrist with velcro and secure fastener.

If you are interested in getting a Surf Showstopper of your own, you can do so, and save 10% by using the code "SURF", you will also get free International Shipping!

The Surf Showstopper is great, and make great gift ideas for women.

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