Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review: You've Been Sentenced by McNeill Designs

This game is so fun! We had so much fun playing You've Been Sentenced!
This game is unlike any other game I've ever played. I cannot think of any game to compare it to.

We've actually played this game for hours! I know what your probably thinking "How can you play a game for hours without getting bored?"

Each time you play this game you draw 10 cards
After you draw cards everyone makes sentences with the words you've drawn.
It's up to the people playing to decide if your sentence is actually a sentence.
There is a small number under each word (There is 5 words on each card, and you can choose whichever words you want, but some are worth more points then others) after you make a sentence (if your sentence is deemed an actual sentence) then you add the points up under each word and tally them down. Once someone gets a high enough set of points; They win!

IF you don't believe me about how awesome this game is then just check out all the awards this game has received:
  • Creative Child Magazine, Seal of Excellence 2007
  • Dr. Toy Best Products, Spring 2007
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, 2007 Gold Seal Award
  • Spewgie Award, Best Family Fun Game 2007
  • iParenting Media Hot Product Award
  • FAO Schwarz Toy Auditions, Winner
  • National Parenting Seal of Approval
  • Mr. Dad Seal of Approval
  • George Lucas Educational Foundation’s Edutopia magazine, Hot Media for Educators
  • MENSA Society’s Parenting for High Potential magazine, Resource Roundup Pick

That is a lot of awards; Proving that this is an all time fun game!

I have played this game so many times, and so has my grandma and mom. I told them both that I would play anytime they want. Well pfft! I've caught them playing without me a couple times now!
They let me take a couple pictures of them playing:

This game really is a lot of fun! It's a great game for all sorts of people! If you are looking for a fun game that the whole family can play then I really recommend checking out You've Been Sentenced or any of the other McNeill Design Games!

Disclosure: Review product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in anyway.

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