Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today... Was a Terrible Day.. I quit my job...

Yep.. Today I quit my job..
Things got out of hand at work today. I have never been more upset at work.. So I am going to go through and tell you all what happened today.

PS- Before you read further, you should know that the company I work worked for was Tuesday Morning. Tuesday Morning is a terrible company to work for. I would not recommend working for them, or even shopping for them. They treat their employee's like pieces of trash. They pay minimum wage, and ask you to do physical things that you would normally get paid better for.. Such as unloading trucks. The last I knew, people got paid pretty decently for unloading trucks.. not $7.50 an hour. You get no benefits and, well it's a very unpleasant environment.

So here is what happened today..

Here are your characters-
Me (Amanda)
Gigi (My friend, the assistant store manager)
Cindy (The B!$#H (excuse the language) The Store Manager)

Ok so..
8:30 am; I wake up, get dressed and leave for work.
9:45 am; I get to work, punch in, and start working
10:30 am; I ask Cindy, Did you put the schedule up yet?  Cindy- (with a HUGE attitude) "Um, No!"
Me- Ok, Sorry, Geez, I didn't know.
Cindy- Well, I've already had 3 people ask me!

(So after this, I just blow her off, and ignore her, because seriously, there was no reason to get an attitude with me. I just asked a simple question..

Ok next thing..
I am working on the count (Oh yes, btw; At work we are were working on inventory. Yes, I should have been getting paid more then $7.50 an hour for doing inventory (and being the best employee there, but whatever) So anyway, Cindy Walks up..
"Finish up what you are doing and then go take your break"
Me- "OK"
Well I was working with Gigi and I asked her "Do you want me to help you finish up this really quick?" She said "Sure, if you want" It was only 3 shelves, and it took me less then 5 minutes to do.. So  when I'm on my last shelf Cindy walks up and shrugs her shoulders at me, gives me a dirty, nasty look. I was like "OK! I'm coming, I just wanted to help Gigi finish really quick." Then she just walked me off.

So, after that I was pretty upset.. I just tried to ignore it and let it go..

About 1:25 Cindy makes an announcement saying "Everyone takes your lunches" so I don't want to get in trouble again, so right away I go, and punch out for my break. Right after I punch out I go to try and find Cindy so that I could ask her what was going on.. So I find her and her is the next convo..

Me- "Hey Cindy. I was wondering, could you tell me why your treating me then way you are and why you've giving me such a negative attitude?"
Cindy- "OH, you know. Every thing I say you ignore, and YOUR giving ME and attitude!" (She was yelling all of this by the way)
Me- "I wasn't giving you an attitude. All I did was ask about the schedule and when I didn't go right on my break, I was just finishing up, like you said."
Cindy- "I had just got done telling everyone earlier before you asked, that the schedule wasn't up yet!"
Me- "I didn't know! I don't eavesdrop on peoples conversation; So I didn't hear."
Cindy- "Well everyone else heard!"
Me- "Well I can't help that I didn't hear!"
Cindy- "Whatever!"
There was a lot more mumbo jumbo, but that's the gist of it.

After this I start crying because honestly, I'm embarrassed.. I mean he was screaming at me in ear range of everyone else working..
So at this point I decide that I want to put my 2 weeks in.. So I go to the back office and tell Gigi to get me the 2 week notification form..
Gigi- "Why? What Happened?"
Me- "Nothing."
Gigi- "Seriously, What Happened"
Me- (I start crying harder because I am so upset)
Gigi- "Breathe"
Me- "Please just give me the form."

Then Cindy walks in and says..

"Oh Yeah, Go and cry to Gigi"
Gigi- "Shes not crying to me!"

I was just like whatever..
I wasn't even telling Gigi what happened..

That was the final straw.. Seriously.. Cindy knows I have a huge depression problem and for her to say that was just a low blow.. So I decide to call my grandma to see what she has to say.. I go up to the front to where the phone is..
Cindy is outside with Everett (another employee) a I'm walking up to the phone I can actually hear Cindy yelling.. So I look up and Cindy is actually pointing AT ME, and talking about to Everett, right in my face.

So that was it.. the final straw.. I filled out my 2 week form, saying I resign my position.. I waited until Cindy came in, I had Gigi lock me out, and I quit.. I'm not going back.

Do you think I was in the wrong? I was so hurt.. And I couldn't handle the situation.. I didn't know what else  to do..


  1. Sounds like they need to get rid of Cindy or they will lose more people.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. Honestly, you don't want to work for people like that but at the same time those kind of people don't deserve to work with such great people like you. She should be the one leaving. I'm sorry you had to go through that!

  3. I would send this as a letter to Cindy's District Manager. She doesn't seem mature enough to be a Manager herself. Move on and I hope you get a mature, professional boss with your next job.

  4. No she sounded like she was being a royal beotch. Don't be upset.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. You really need to go to the district manager! She can't be telling other employees about other employees!! She sure sounds like a shitty person!! You were totally not in the wrong! She needs to learn to be a manager!

  6. I agree- go over that Cindy persons head. She has bosses she is accountable to.
    If you can, get Gigi behind you so if something comes of it, she will be willing to help.
    I am so sorry you had such a crappy day... *hugs*

  7. Cindy needs job manager training. She lacks in people skills and her leadership leaves ALOT to be desired.
    Start looking for a better job. I got paid more than you did and I work part time.

  8. My sister had a boss like that - I do not understand how higher ups keep that kind of person as a manager, besides being very unprofessional, whatever happened to integrity, and plain old-fashioned kindness? You also have to know each of us has different stress levels we can handle. you reached your final straw and did what you had to do. There are better places and people to work for. Good luck Sweetie! Hugs to you! Sorry you have to go through this kind of stuff!

  9. You shouldn't be treated like that at work. I don't think I would have been able to stay...and I know I would have been in tears also. I would talk to the district manager also...sounds like Cindy has a bit of a power control problem. Hope you find a more pleasant place to work.

  10. You poor girl! I'm going to tell you what someone told me when I quit a job that I was working at. Your mental and physical health is not worth putting at jeopardy if you are unhappy. Remember, they won't hesitate to find someone to fill your place. In other words you are expendable to them. However, your friends and family can never find anyone to replace someone as special as you! And from reading your blog, I know your family and friends are way more important. So stay healthy, be happy with your decision and know that God has something better in mind for you! =)

  11. Don't let other people's attitude get you down. Look at this as an oportunity rather than a setback. Maybe the universe is giving you a push to move onto bigger and better things. hang in there!

  12. Your description of working there was pretty negative. As the previous comment said, this could be just the opportunity to step away from a bad work environment and find yourself a much better one. If I could suggest one thing, don't make decisions when you are emotional. You could of asked for the paperwork and took it home with you. That way you can calm down, talk to people and ask advice.

  13. So sorry you had to go through that. So many useless employees out there but the dependable and hard working ones never get the credit they deserve! There will another job to come your way and it will pay much better and you will be appreciated!

  14. how horrible! You did the right thig, but I agree with the others, more needs to be done. Cindy doesn't even deserve a job at all!

  15. you've had some great advice so here's a {{{hug}}}. Write down everything you remember and go over Cindy's head. They need to know how she treats employees.


  16. I quit my job about 3 years ago and went to the competitor. My boss was decent but had no idea how to run my machine (It was a print shop). The family that owned the company treated me like I was stupid. They told me I owned stock in the company that was worth THOUSANDS but I never signed papers and when I kept pressing them as to how could I own something, yet signed no paperwork they admitted it was "all in good faith. They promised me raises which I never got. They offered me a promotion (doing what I have a college degree in) and my own office which I never got.

    When I told my boss I was giving my two weeks notice he kinda freaked out. He told me he would tell the owners and get them to offer me more - he didn't want to loose me - especially when he heard I was going to the competitor. Yes money was a BIG part of why I was leaving but I hated working there so much I used to make myself sick - like puking before leaving for work. Of course the owner told me he couldnt give me more money since I "owned" so much stock. I had to laugh and was like I don't own anything. So he got all smug and basically told me either take it on good faith or leave. They actually let me work my last 2 weeks - most people they just walk to the door and kick out when they give their notice.

    I was so scared to leave but I am so glad I did. Even though I make more per hour (a lot more) and the benefits are better I actually don't take home all that much more pay then I did at the crappy place (I picked up my boyfriend on my insurance which is expensive, I am maxing out my 401k etc) But Im happy. I no longer puke on the way to work. My migranes are very few and far between these days.

  17. Hey amanda!!!! I MISS U THERE!!!! :( but i dont blame. if i didnt have my kids to think about u know i would have left AGES ago!! i must say everyone is right about u making ur concerns know to people farther up the food chain, and no i dont mean janet cuz we both know thats as useless as tits on a bull....but go even above her (if u need name/contacts just let me know) i hope ur doing ok now and like i said b4 u have my number, use it if u need to!!