Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: Fombag Mini!

I love my Fombag mini :).

From what I can see, the Fombags really are amazing! I received a mini version of the full size Fombag to review.

First off I loved the fabric! The fabric I got on my mini was the Violet MicroSuede (Like the one pictured at the top of the picture) I liked the color, and my favorite part was the feel of the microsuede. It is so soft!

When I first got the Fombag mini, I was thinking to myself.. "What can I do with this?" I was actually surprised! The mini is the perfect pillow! It is a little bigger then my head, and it makes it perfect to lay my hear onto.
My favorite part is that, well, yes I'm using it as a pillow; But it is so comfortable! The amount of foam in the mini is just perfect, and it is so plushy! It doesn't clump like fluff; so it stays spread out.

I can only imagine how amazingly comfortable the Giant Fombags would be! I mean seriously, can you imagine laying in a giant bubble of foam? These things are HUGE, and I seriously want one so bad! I know there comfy, and fun! Just look how big they ar for yourselves!
Doesn't that look ridiculously comfortable? I love it ^.^ !

Overall I think the Fombag is amazing! And if you looking for a piece of furniture that is comfy and stylish; then the Fombag is for you!

Disclosure:  Review product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in anyway.

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  1. Very nice review!
    Those are huge... I would get in one, have all the cats & the dog in there & never wanna move :)