Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Handmade Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet

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I really like this Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet. I think it has a really distinctive look, and it's fun to wear! I also love that it is "Kabbalah." I think it's really fun to tell people like; "Oh, you like it? Thanks it's Kabbalah." It sounds so fancy, and it makes me sound fancy just for saying it :)!

Theres 2 things that are particularly unique to me. The first thing would be the unique red string (which is actually very popular all over the world). I never knew it, but I guess a single red string is supposed to protect you from negative influences and ill will. And the second thing is the unique closure. Normally when you buy a bracelet you get a boring lobster clasp, or something similar. Well with this you simply slip on the bracelet and then you pull the 2 silver balls at each end to make it smaller to perfectly fit your wrist.

  I also enjoyed the little charm on it. On one side it says "Mizze (The Designer)" and on the other it states that the bracelet is made for luck. What I like about the little charm is that you can always look down and read it, and think "Hey, this is lucky." I think having that attitude is really good for you. Rather then just saying "Oh, I can't do that" you can look down, and be reminded that you can, because you have luck on your side! I really just think the bracelet brings a more positive aspect to life, and I love it!

I really am enjoying wearing the Handmade Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet. It's cute, and effective! It's a simple thing that has really helped me look at the positive in things! :)

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  1. Very cool,I 've been reading a lot about this and it's study of kabbalah
    Diane Baum