Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday Morning Sucks! I hate them; all of them!

You all know that terrible company I told you about right? Tuesday Morning?

They are absolutely the worst!

So remember when I told you all about how terrible it was working there?

Well after many words of encouragement from all of you, I decided to go "higher up." Well that was a complete and total waste of time. I had talked to 3 different people about the situation. Finally I got someone who SEEMED to care. She said they would do an investigation, and look into it.

So it's been more then a month since I've first called. She told me to keep calling, and they would tell me what was going on. So at least 1x a week I call to find out whats going on.

Today I call and she gives me some BS excuse saying "Oh, I haven't been able to do anything, because there was an ice storm." WTF does that have to do with calling and finding out whats going on? So after I get off the phone with her today, I guess she actually decided to finally do something. So she calls my old DM, and then she calls me back and says "You already know whats going on, wy do you keep calling?" I'm like uh.. You told me to keep calling to find out what was going on.. and then she goes.. "Oh, you don't work here, it's none of your business" I mean, those weren't her EXACT words, but they might as well have been.

The people at Tuesday Morning are freaking idiots. They obviously don't care if they are having thousands of dollars being stolen from them every year because of a dumb piece of... crap... store manager. I guess they like being robbed by their employees.. I don't know. oh well though; thats not my problem. It's theirs. They want to turn a blind eye to a thief then thats their own stupidity.

PLEASE DO NOT purchase from Tuesday Morning. They don't care about their employees, and they sure as don't care about their customers. We shouldn't support such a terrible company.

Thanks all for reading. I had to get that off of my chest.

CASE CLOSED. Tuesday Morning Inc SUCKS.


  1. Sometimes, even though you might not feel you have gotten anywhere with them, they will be watching that particular store, that manager etc. It might not happen overnight, but it does happen.

    And even though it felt like crap to feel like you were ignored, you have the satisfaction of knowing you took it as far as it can go. You didnt just sit idle, you went as far as you could with it. That, is satisfaction in itself is stnding up & doing all you can. You were your own advocate.

    The other thing you did is make people aware of what happened in your situation and that that company is horrid. We don't have a Tuesday Morning store here, but, if we did, I would never shop there at all.

    You did the right thing, and you're right, the company sucks.

  2. I was an assistant manager there over the last year. I can tell you that no, they don't care. The regional manager, who has a few states under him, told me so. If i remember correctly it went "don't bother coming to me with these problems because no one above me cares so i don't care either." He recognized the issues and said he wasn't going to do anything about it. The company is most likely a front of some-sort.

    Here's something funny, they shutdown all stores twice a year for 1-2 weeks while they have the associates do inventory. That's around $5000 per store per day with around 900 stores across the country. As long as they don't start loosing too much money they don't care. They have no intention of adapting to the needs of a changing economy and flat-out refuse to accept suggestions from the store level.

    I can only hope people read this before applying there.

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  4. ((mispellings, and no edit caused me to delete)

    My impression: it's Walmart's retarded little brother, the company a a whole seems to have the philosophy that nothing is worth doing, if it can't be done half assed