Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Weekend! In Pictures

What did you do this weekend?
Me and Aaron went to the beach! :) (Love that picture of Aaron above. He looks so cute :D. And serious with his "mean" glasses. Everytime Aaron wears them we always talk about how he looks like a Mega Jerk. LOL.)

Not your average beach either. It was a Mangrove island.

We live in Bonita Springs, about 5 minutes from the beach. So, we decided, why not? We took our kites and some other stuff and off we went.  We knew a spot by a bridge that was Mangrove's, so we decided to give it a shot, rather then the normal beach.  We went and there was a sand bar right by it that we could walk out onto, and there were also like paths inside the Mangrove. It was supper fun, and I am so glad we went. Here are pictures from the entire day:
 Kite Flying:
 Kite.. Not Flyng.. LOL.
 A giant jellyfish that washed up on the beach:
A dolphin we saw while on the beach ( I barely caught it, so I used a paint aarow to point it out. Thats the fin. At the beach, I wish you all could have saw them! There was 3 of them, and they kept jumping out of the water, I just couldn't catch an amazing picture :(. At least I caught the fin though! )
  The new kite.. we brought 4, and this was the second:
You all know how much I love animals, so of course I brought some Cheeze It's for the seagulls :)
  LOL because the seagull looks like a giant!
more seagull:
Our View:
Inside of the Mangrove's (Some of them are the first view, when you walk into them, but some are farther down, inside of the mangrove)
 When you first walk in:
Deeper inside: Yes, I know, it looks like a nature walk, but it is a Mangrove Island :P
Horseshoe crab shell I found while in the mangrove:
Even further in:

 Another pathway leading to the water, inside of the Mangrove:
Closer into the path way (my favorite picture of the day)
 Pathway again, ground view:
And thats about it! :)
I hope you enjoyed viewing our day at the beach, in pictures :D

I thought it would be something new, and fun for the blog. So if you enjoyed it, please let me know, and maybe I'll do it again :)

Thanks everyone!
Amanda T


  1. Oh, yes, it's nice to learn a little bit more about you, Amanda, and get a glimpse of Aaron. The last three photos are cool!

  2. What a gorgeous place to relax for the day! It looks like fun! I can't wait until it's beach weather in our area!

  3. I am SO jealous AManda! That looks like so much me crazy but I love fishing more than shopping...and chocolate! Its still freezing here, literally, and I spent my weekend from Thurs. nite to Sun noon in bed sick, then to my 11 y/o daughters first volleyball games. To a movie later with my husband...sadly disappointed in True Grit. For me, that is an exciting weekend.

  4. Oh to be warm again :) Love your pics!
    We went to Florida once (a long time ago) and I thought it was such a beautiful place!

  5. Great weekend and great photos!
    It's still cold here where I live and we tried to take a walk by the sea but it was too cold and windy and we got back to our car after 5 minutes... I wish I were there with you) It looks so sunny, warm, and fun)

  6. I wish I lived five minutes from there! I like the caption you put for the kite in the water
    Kite... Not Flying- very humorous.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos!

  7. It looks as though you guys had so much fun. Nothing like that here. Just woods and forest. I would have to drive 4 hours to get to the nearest beach.

  8. loved seeing your weekend in pictures.

  9. I've never been to a beach before so it was nice to see your pictures of it. Looks so serene and beautiful.