Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: Tavern Direct Toscana Garlic Parmesan Marinade (And giveaway!)

I see that my Tavern Direct giveaway has been really popular, so before I mention anything else, I figured I'd mention that there is ANOTHER giveaway on the Tavern Direct Blog. There will actually be 5 winners there, so you may want to go and enter! You can do that HERE. (Good Luck :), The winners will be super happy, because the Tavern Direct products are delicious!)

So, for this review I'll be featuring the delicious Toscana Garlic Parmesan Marinade.

  (Hehe, even Lil Luis enjoys the Toscana Garlic Parmesan Marinade! :) )

A delicious marinade! What I really loved about this one was the texture. Rather then a creamy texture, it had a kind of gritty texture (Thats good.) It really made my tastes buds feel around the food, and it was much more enjoyable thanks to that! Absolutely delicious on pasta salad :)

There are tons of Flavorful Recipes to check out at Tavern Direct! There are so many great recipes you can try, and I have several that I am actually planning on trying (Don't worry, there will be more great Tavern Direct Posts in the future, which will include some of those recipes!)

Yesterday I actually cooked some chicken breast, and marinated them with the Toscana Garlic Parmesan. I soaked the chicken in the marinade for 15 minutes, cooked, and when I was done, added a little more.. and it was so delicious! I made 8 breasts, and they were all gone at the end of the night! Everyone truly enjoyed it, and I enjoyed making it.

The Toscana Garlic Parmesan was a great, and I am so happy that Tavern Direct has many other Gourmet Marinades and Sauces. It's fun to try new things, and I am really looking forward to trying others :).

There is actually a great BBQ and Marinade Special going on right now at Tavern Direct. You get a 3 pack of grilling sauces that are sure to delight your taste buds!

Tavern Direct has the most delicious marinades and sauces, and I am so happy to be a Tavern Direct Super Insider! Because of that I will be bringing you several posts each month featuring different products!

If you don't remember from my last post, Tavern Direct donates to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's. So a little bit of every purchase goes toward the cause; How great is that?! It's wonderful. Treat yourself to delicious products, and help children! It's a win win with Tavern Direct!

Overall I truly enjoyed the Toscana Garlic Parmesan, and I definitely recommend trying it out!

Don't forget- You can enter the Tavern Direct giveaway HERE

Disclosure: Review product was provided to me FREE of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in anyway.


  1. I like trying new marinades out & these sound great! Thanks for the link!

  2. Hi there! I'm a new follower. I was owned by lots of rats over the years and did a lot of rescue work as well. Your hairless is adorable!

  3. I prefer marinade with texture rather than creamy - wonder if the "grit" is really little pieces of garlic?

  4. Lil Luis looks so cute holding his sign