Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things keep getting worse..

I am so glad I have Aaron in my life.
I have been treating him so rudely.. Do any of you have the issue, where when your really going through a lot, you always seem to have an attitude? Thats what I've had lately. Seriously, I snap at every little thing.

I wanted to give you all an update..
Your not going to believe this.. But things have actually gotten worse. Please don't let me scare you. It's not my grandpa.. It's an issue I'm having now..
So guess what happened? Well, about 2 months ago I chipped one of my back molars (teeth). For the past 2 weeks my tooth has been killing me! The thing that sucks is that my mom has no Dental Insurance.. She worked something out with a local Dentist though. He's willing to "work" with her on payments. So today I go (after being in.. O..M..G.. Some of the worst pain I've ever had in my life) to the Dentist. He tells me that I have a previous filling actually protruding into the nerve of my tooth. He tells me that I have 2 options.. I can get it pulled or I can get a root canal and have it filled. Of course, I don't want to pull a tooth.. The tooth is #31, and the dentist said it's an "important" tooth, and it wouldn't be such a great idea to have it pulled. So I really don't want to have it pulled.. So he tells me I have to go to a Endodontist. Why? Because of course.. They don't do root canals there. So we call around.. and there isn't even one Endodontist willing to work out a payment plan with my mom.. They are expecting us to pay $1,050, up front. PFT. Do you know how high our medical bills are right now? We can barley even pay for groceries.. let alone a tooth.. Fortunately the Dentist realized that I am in a ton of pain, and he gave me.. a whopping 16 pain killers.. I mean.. it's better then nothing.. But I have no clue what I'm going to do about this tooth once those 16 are gone..

We've already tried applying for Care Credit.. and of course.. No luck.. We were denied (We had applied previously, when my dog was sick)

So.. I am assuming the pain pills will last for like 5 days. (I take them once every 6 hours, as needed) So I figure 3 a yeah.. Like 5 days. So I guess I'll have 5 days of no pain.. And then.. Who knows.. My moms going to call every Endodontist she can find.. and.. I really hope she can find one.. Who knows.. maybe I'll get lucky..and I'll find $2000.00 or something.. ha..Right now I'm trying to sell a lot of my old things on Ebay.. LOL. I've gotten like $80.00 so far.. I mean.. That's better then nothing.. But not really helping with much >.<. I've also wanted to have a garage sale.. But I live in a gated community.. and the jerks "The association" won't let you have one.. So I'm stuck there too..

But enough about my problems..

Grandpa is doing good. He went in this past Monday for a Biopsy. He'll find out the results of that on April 22nd. Depending on where the Cancer started from.. They MAY (And this is a BIG MAY) be able to do something.. They more then likely aren't going to be able to completely rid him of the Cancer..BUT they may be able to slow it down.. and who knows.. Maybe there will be a miracle. I pray every day and night.. There is a little light at the end.. Who knows.. there is a small chance that he could be ok! The chance is very very slim.. but I'm holding on tight to the small chance! I love grandpa so much, and I am really bonding with him right now.

Well.. That about all the info I have for you right now.. If/When I find out more info, I will of course update all of you..

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am still working on emailing a lot of you back. I have already replied to a few of you, but I am still working on replying to a lot of you. So please, don't think I've forgotten about you, because I haven't :)

And one last thing.. I wanted to let you all know that I am working on a review and giveaway post tonight.. So I should have it up a little later tonight, so all of you can enter.

Anyways.. I'll keep you all informed.


I wanted to tell you all that there was a little bit of happiness for me this week.. I got my first.. oh.. and last.. paycheck from Subway. (Yes, due to the circumstances I am going through, I was unable to continue working at Subway. It was hard.. But I did enjoy working there.. and I was sad I had to leave..)
Well.. the good news.. Is that I got a camera! I finally got a new Digital Camera! It's great, and I love it! I've taken like 6billion and 1 pictures :) It's  a Canon PowerShot A2200. It was a gift from Aaron. I payed for the warranty, and he got me the camera. It means so much to me, that he got me this great gift, just because. He knows how hard things are for me right now.. and it was just his way of saying "Hey, I care, and I love you." So I'll be having a LOT more pictures.. Very soon :)


  1. (hugs) It's a really bad place to me, not having medical or dental insurance. I have a partial torn rotator cuff and don't have the insurance or money for the surgery. My dr said I should get it fixed within the next 2 months or it could snap totally apart and then it will be even harder to fix it and probably be in pain for the rest of my life. Doesn't that suck??

    If you can, try not to work with Care Credit. They are a huge scam and have some of the highest interest rates out there. I have worked for 2 companies that used that and we were putting folks into a worse financial state than what they had when they came to see us. :(

  2. The reason you are snappy with Aaron is because you know no matter what he is gonna love you. Oddly enough when we are stressed or upset the people we live with get it worse- probably because you're the most comfortable with them. You're tired, in pain, stressed etc. Just make sure every now and again to remember to tell him it's not him, its other things, and give him a hug.

    As for your tooth... is there a dental school near by? My husband JUST went to a dental school to the endodontist department & had work done. It was a couple hours away but the price was under $100 to have a student/professor (a real dentist)work on it compared to someone in town who wanted $1500. Look in your phone book for dental schools- give them a call. If you could get a referral from your regular dentist to go there it would be even better.

    I am keeping you & family in my thoughts, and hoping for that miracle too!

  3. I know in our area there's a dentist office for people with low incomes. Ask around, search the web for something like that. Ask at the health department if they know of any dentists like that. It's worth the effort especially if you're in so much pain and it will cost that much!

  4. Hi Amanda
    i hope you get help with your tooth,it is so unfairly expensive! We also have dental schools in our area that do work for cheaper.

    Yay, a new camera,that is awesome,have fun with it,you deserve it!!

  5. I hope you find someone to help with the tooth and that you are feeling better soon.

  6. I like in California near San Francisco and we have a wonderful dental school that does work for people who cannot pay for dental care. Anything like that in your are? Ask around there has to be help out there. Good luck, you remain in my thoughts.

  7. I had my hopes up.. But I've called around, and the only local Dental College charges $705 for a root canal. So I'm still out of luck. -sigh-


  8. I know wheni am stressed out and depressed I get really b**chy to my boyfriend without even realizing it, and when I do I feel so bad it makes me feel worse!

    I hope you continue enjoying your camera - I need a new one actually!

  9. Hunny, either try to find a low income dentist office or go down to your local county job and family services.. I had the same problems with my teeth and I did not think they could help me but they did.. even if you are not approved for anything government supported they can probably direct you to somewhere that can help. I know around here ours have many different programs to assist with all types of things, it is worth a try, tooth pain is one of the worst types of pain and noone deserves it.

  10. girl i truly know how u feel when it rains it pours i swear it does everyone keeps tellin me there is a light at the end of the tunnel if u see it before me please let me know cause i ain't seen it yet. I understand with the no insurance and stuff i have been needin my wisdom teeth out for 4yrs and all the surgeons say i have to have at least $800 upfront like who keeps that kind of money on them so I will wait some more. Plus I just been sick for the last 2 weeks and now no longer can talk right now anyways if u need me u know where to find me good luck girl

  11. by the way artist of the week is awesome I love Pink!!

  12. i forgot to say,i love herbs and natural medicines.
    when i don't feel good no matter what it is,colds,flu and tooth aches too..garlic garlic garlic
    please know,i am not a doctor just witchy
    sometimes fresh garlic is too harsh,an easy way is to take a clove or two out of a whole bulb and chop it up,then i would add it to something easy to swallow like mash potatoes.
    i just like to say it because it's hard to believe,something in our kitchen is so strong.
    garlic will go to the problem and help any infection that could occur because your body and mind is stressed out.
    another strong herb is ginger
    i got a bottle of Essential Oil Clove Oil for the numbing and for fighting any bacteria around the hurt tooth(the gum around it will burn but quickly should feel better(tongue too)
    as much as possible try to fight the shock of your tooth breaking while you are trying to get help
    none of above should hurt with your pain pills if you take it
    rest is good,and lots of happy pictures with your new camera!!

  13. Sending love and prayers you way, let me know if you need anything, don't hesitate to email.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com