Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nutrisystem! (I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger!) Week 9!

This past week has been very hectic. We have a lot of family coming in to see my grandpa. I have been busy cleaning, spending time with family and trying to stay okay emotionally (sometimes I have to take small breaks to keep cool). As you can imagine, this has effected my week a little. I still had a weight loss this week, but only 1.2lbs. It's better then nothing, so I am still happy.
All weight loss really adds up! :)
Here were my favorite meals this week:

The Crispy Rice Cereal:
I can't lie.. I did add a little bit of sugar to the crispy rice cereal, but even without it was still very filling.

The Mexican-Style Tortilla Soup:
Very authentic tasting. I loved the texture, and the mixture of ingredients. Very scrumptious :)

The Pasta Fagioli

A lot better the second time! I tried this the first time, and I liked it, but it was a little over powered with the sauce. I made it this second time, and it was so much better! I think the previous time, I had undercooked it a little, and that made a huge difference!

 The Butterscotch Pudding:

I am a really big sucker for butterscotch pudding, and this was so delicious! After eating it, I really wanted some more! Definitely a must have for me from Nutrisystem.

Overall, I still had a weight loss this week; And I am happy about that. Hopefully next week it will be a bigger number. We'll see :) Until next week..

Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem too? Visit Nutrisystem  today or call 888-853-4689. Disclosure: Products being provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed in this post are mine, and were not influenced in anyway. The story you see here, is mine, and mine alone.


  1. wow,there is really a nice assortment of foods for Nutrisystem!!

  2. I just won a weeks worth of NS on a different blog- now lets see if an old lady can lose a few pounds LOL!

  3. Nice job Amanda! It does all add up so dont' discount the small numbers some weeks. That soup looks SO tasty!

    congrats Ellen! I havent tried to win this as my kids would just sneak it all anyway. Would love to do this but probably will have to wait til we are empty-nesters and both do it together.

  4. Congrats on EVERY pound lost. It's healthy to stay under 3 lbs a week is what I heard. Good for you!!!

    New follower from Friendly Friday Follow!

    ~ Raylene @ It's OK to be WEIRD!