Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update: Grandpa, Hospital Stays, and Family.

Hey everybody.

Like I said, if anything ever happens with grandpa, I might be unable to post. This past week and a half has been very hectic on us. My grandpa was in the hospital for a while.. He was extremely sick (he hadn't gone to the bathroom in more then a week) and we had to take him in.. He was so sick from it, and we were visiting.. A lot. We had company. My Aunt, and Cousin had come down, and we hadn't seen them for more then 5 years, so as you can imagine, they really wanted to see grandpa.. We spent like 5 days in the hospital (we came home of course, but we had so much going on, and I just couldn't post) He's been out for 3 1/2 days now, and my Aunt and Cousin have to go home on Saturday morning, so as you can imagine, we all wanted to do as much as possible. Since grandpa came home, he is now feeling much much better, and Monday we went to the beach and played miniature golf, Tuesday we went out and cast fish, and fed the birds, and we also went to the gun range to shoot grandpas Double Rifle, and pistol (I am so still feeling the pain from that rifle, lol) Wednesday we went out 20 miles on the boat, and today we golfed. Grandpa doesn't have much strength anymore, so these may be the last few times he gets to do things like this.. So it's very important to me, and my family that we do these things with him. Honestly, these last few days have been some of  the best days of my life. Grandpa was so proud to see me, and my cousin shooting the guns, and catching fish. My aunt took pictures of us, so once she gets home to Indiana, she'll email them to me, and I can share them with you :)!

I am sorry for the lack of posts, but I really hope you can understand. I will have an awesome giveaway up tonight, and I hope you'll all stop by to enter. I am also emailing all the winners,and I will be posting those soon.

Take Care everyone :)
Also, if anyone has emailed me, I haven't been on my email much either, because I haven't been online really, at all. So if you have emailed me, I will email you back ASAP.



  1. Amanda,
    take care of yourself and your family, especially your grandfather. Time with him will be precious for you now. It is definitely understandable that you can't post during this time very much, and you really don't need to apologize for it.


  2. Don't worry about posting, answering emails or anything else right now! Those of us who have gotten to know you realize you want to spend as much time with your Grandpa as you can right now.
    Go out and golf with him, go out on the ocean, go do the things he loves.
    Thinking of you always- and hoping he is doing well.

  3. Glad you have been able to do some things together with your grandpa. Take care of yourself & your family first before anything else! Hoping you and yours will be doing better!

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