Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blogorama Bonanza '11! (I'm a part of it.. You can be too :) )

I have some awesome news! I am officially a part of the Blogorama Bonanza '11!

This event will start one September 12th, and it will end on September 22nd.

There will be several bloggers (up to 200) participating, and each one is required to have a prize of $75.00 or more! That's a LOT of prizes to be won!

Their still looking for more blogs to host, and be a part, so if you haven't signed up yet, and you want to, you still can! See how you can apply HERE. (It's super easy to apply.)

Here is the list of Bloggers currently signed up: (PLEASE ONLY ADD UR LINKY IF YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY SIGNED UP)

Remember, there are up to 200 blogs able to participate, so there are still quite a few spaces available.
I hope to see you all around for the event (Trust me- You won't want to miss it!)

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