Saturday, June 11, 2011

I have a new photo in The Agile Rat Photo Contest! I would appreciate any votes :) (Extra Entry Opportunity)

Hey everyone :)

I just wanted to let you all know that I have a new photo in this month's Agile Rat Photo Contest.

If you could please vote, I would truly appreciate it!

Don't forget- If you vote, you can get 1 extra entry each day that you vote (On ANY giveaway.) Just leave a comment on the post saying "I voted for you in the Agile Rat Photo Contest on 6/11" or something similar.

This month's prize is for a see-saw and 2 cute tunnels :)! And of course, If I win I will post pictures, and a video of the ratties using their prize.

Here's how to vote-

Go to
On the right hand side of the website under "Navigation," scroll down torward the bottom of that and find (Rattie Photo Contest" Click that, and then simply click "Vote" by my picture. (the picture in the contest is the one at the top  of this post)

And that's it! It only takes a few seconds :)

Thanks in advance everyone! I'd also really appreciate if you could Tweet this post, or share it on Facebook :)

Your all the best!



  1. Ahhhh,Adorable!!
    I'm happily voting for you this month ;)

  2. oh gosh i forgot how fun it is to look at rat photos - just voted for yours

  3. Hi! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! thanks so much!

  4. aww, how cute!! I changed the desktop background to your picture on my niece's computer(with her mother's permission of course!) - wonder if she'll notice!

  5. I voted. Good luck.
    10% of voters have voted for this photo.

  6. I voted! The see-saw would be awesome :) GL!!

  7. Aw, Thanks so much everybody! :)

    Your all amazing!

  8. Hey Amanda, I voted for your adorable rattie (you are currently tied for 2nd place with 10% of the vote - closing in on the front runner who is only 1% a head at 11%. You are definitely a major contender! Good Luck!

  9. Hi! I'm following you from B.M.B.F!
    I hope you visit me and return the

  10. You are the Leader of the Pack today! Yay!!

  11. I voted today. 12% of voters have voted for this photo.

    They all look so cute. I tried dressing my dog up for Halloween. He didn't like it at all LOL.

  12. WOW! Thank you so much everybody! I can't believe Gumby's in the lead! Thanks so so much! I truly appreciate it!

  13. Last day, still in the lead!!Fingers crossed :)