Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm so nervous!

Before I start.. I know what your thinking.. What's up with the picture of the house? Well, to be honest.. not much, really. That was my old house.. My grandpa, my great grandpa and his friends all built it.. I miss is so much :(. It was just so beautiful. It was like a dream house :)

I decided to go through some old pictures that we had.. I thought I'd do a little blast from the past thing..
Here's a picture of me and my grandma (I was a baby obviously lol) on a New Jersey Beach (Wildwood)
 Maybe I'll share old pictures occasionally.. We'll see.

So again, anyways lol ( I get side tracked way to easy) I am so so nervous. MY nerves are eating me alive :(

I don't know if I told you all this.. But I am starting College on June 27th (OMG. That's this month! D:!) Well.. Tomorrow I am going to go take my CPT (college placement test) and then after that I'm not really sure.. I guess I won't know the next steps until after I take it. I think after I take it I'll see a advisor? Hopefully, because I really need advised on what to do next! I'm freaking out! I've been trying to study.. But to be honest.. I never studied in high school.. Everything I knew pretty much just came to me.. except math.. I suck at math. I tried and tried to study it.. But the nerves aren't helping! How can I remember math when I have so much going on? I hope I don't fail the math portion :(. I'm not worried about English and Reading, because those are my strong suites. I have honors English and stuff.. so I'm not worried about that at all.. But I just can't get my mind off the math. And it's not helping with grandpa hounding me. He's curious and I know.. But every single time I walk by him he wants to talk about it.. How's studying? What are you studying? How longs the test? I'm sorry grandpa, but I don't need any reminders.. trust me.. I'm thinking about it enough! It really stinks, because I've been trying to spend as much time as possible by him, but he's driving me crazy with all of his questions :( I've just been staying in my room like 24/7. I've got too many nerves to write a real post.. But I have an amazing giveaway planned for Friday night, or Saturday morning.

I really hope I do good.. and I really can't wait until this test is over. I also can't wait until I actually start..Everyone keeps telling me, it's flys by, and once you get started it's not that bad.. Well I'm realy hoping everyones right.. Because if I have these nerves everyday, I'll end up having a heart attack :(!


  1. You know, I took one of those once. I studied and studied the math. I was doing good until they threw in some calculus questions which totally freaked me out.
    Turns out it was fine. I had passed the entry level math and I only needed one more math class for my degree (which was family and home services) So I wouldn't be too worried. If you don't do well on the math section it only means a class, and it's better to learn in a class than to do it on your own. You'll do fine, don't stress!

  2. Dearest Amanda, we are too. We miss him terribly and more every day if that's possible. Thank you for the kind words. I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. I will keep him, you and your family in my prayers. It is hard - but his love, the memories, your family and friends will help you on the journey. When Daddy was diagnosed he was given only a few months as well, we were blessed with three years more. Do not set any date in your mind, only God can know that. You enjoy him, be there for him and love, love, love him with all you have. It isn't easy, but you will cherish every single moment later. Sending you hugs from Texas. ~ lg

  3. Being nervous is normal!! I am not good in math either so i can totally relate. I would flunk math on my report card and i would get grounded for 30 days! I obviously didn't want to get grounded but my head would not figure out some of that stupid math no matter what. Looking back at it now,i know i needed some kind of tutor or a lower level math class but my mom never realized it and now i have a big time math phobia. If you find out that there is stuff you don't understand see about getting a little extra help on the side. I know things are crazy for you but it will work out.Wishing you the best!!
    Oh Baby Amanda is soooo cute..hugs honey!!

  4. I sure understand the math part too! I did OK with "normal" math, but the advanced stuff is kinda goofy. One of my sons helped me prepare for the pre-test. He told me I should stick to non-math classes! LOL The little turd! But I found that when you talk to your instructors and get a better idea of what they want and let them see that you are serious, they will usually help you out! You have a lot of friends out here pulling for you! Hugs!!!

  5. if you weren't nervous, you wouldn't be human! i happen to think you're gonna rock that test and some day, you'll look back and wonder why you were worried to begin with!
    keep me posted, k?


  6. Of course! I'll keep everyone posted :)

  7. Everbody is nervous on their tests or first days at a new school- if they say they arent they are fibbing :) So you are completely normal there!

    Math is like another language- thats how I treated it anyway- and there is only one way to say the correct word, there arent any shades of grey. I had to take a couple of stats classes- oh it had been so long- I dropped them twice until I got just the 'right' teacher and did OK- it was still my lowest grade, but passable.You will do fine!

    Let Grandpa keep asking- he is interested in what you do is all....... why dont you bring those old old pics to him and let him tell you stories? Video or just record him talking, think of the stories as part of your history. You will both benefit- spending time together!

    I love your old house!

  8. Depending on your major, you might not have to take math at all. I have changed majors twice, so ive been an art major, an early childhood development major and a human services major. Seems how none of those require heavy math "on the job" i only needed 1 math/science credit, so i could math OR science, i didn't need both. so i took biology which was basically high school biology all over again. :)