Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm such a terrible person! (Kinda.. Hehe!)

So.. I've done a pretty evil thing. Do I feel a little bad? Just a lil bit :P.

So - I'll start from the beginning.

I have trouble sleeping. I talk to a lot of you threw emails, and you've probably noticed that I usually reply pretty late. I'll be up at like 3 am. Well, I always try to get on a better sleeping track (so I'm awake all day to see grandpa, Aaron, etc. I just can't do it alone.

So.. I decided to buy a bottle of sleeping pills.Well, 2 bottles. (They were those tiny 8 ct bottles from the Dollar Store.) I put one away (no sense of having 2 out on the counter) and I placed the other bottle (STILL IN THE BOX!) on the counter in my bathroom.

This is where it gets interesting- Randy (my cousin, who lives with us) decides to rip open the box and take some of the sleeping pills for himself.. OH NO! If it was like a 50 or 100 ct bottle, go ahead, please, take some. But it's an 8 count bottle! It wasn't even opened! You don't open somebodies brand new items! You just DON'T DO THAT! Everyone knows that! Right?
Well, he did. I didn't say anything.. BUT I knew I wasn't going to let it happen again (Sorta.)
This is where it gets interesting.

 I have a love hate relationship with my cousin. I love him because he's family.. But I really dislike him, because he's a mega jerk. I decided to do something evil to him (HEHE!)

I knew, because he has no respect for me, or my belongings, that he would take the pills again (Even though, yes, it was only an 8ct bottle)
So.. 2 days ago I took out the sleeping pills, and I put them in with my other sleeping pills. I replaced the blue sleeping pills with blue laxatives.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course, I told Aaron, and my mom. Well, tonight me and Aaron were watching a movie (this was around 10pm), and Aaron had to take a bathroom break. When he went into the bathroom, he noticed the pills had been moved (Yes, we had them in a certain position) he looked inside, and guess what? More of the pills were gone!

And this is the best part- It is recommended that you only take 2 sleeping pills- But he tried to take 3.. So he took 3 laxatives!! HAHA >:D! About 20 minutes ago (Around 4 am) I heard someone coming down the hall, and then I heard the bathroom door close. I snuck out of my room to check, and YES it was him! HEHE!

Hopefully this will teach him to not take other peoples thing. I honestly don't even know if he'll realize he took laxatives. Do you all think I should keep the last 3 in the bottle, and see if he does it again?

I'm so HAPPY! :D


  1. ha!

    Good thing he didnt take more than 3- he would be pooping til next week :D

    Well, it is hard saying as far as doing it again- if he is not bright he wont put 2 and 2 together that what gives him the runs are the pills- he would do it more than once anyway.

    You sneaky devil- that is a good one!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahaha! LOVE it, Amanda! Heck, you should permanently leave the laxatives for him if he's going to be that disrespectful of your things. I'd say he surely deserves it!

    I agree with Xenia have one bottle on the counter with the laxatives. You ask before you take something of someone's to make sure it's ok.

    I would do the same thing!


  4. OMIGOSH!!! That is hilarious!!! You should leave them in there...he might not have gotten the point the first time

  5. You ARE evil! *giggles* I gotta remember this little trick. :D

  6. That is too funny! I can not stand people who are that way. My theory if it is not yours then don't touch it let alone use it. I would let him take them all then say "Who took all my laxatives that I had in the bathroom in the Excedrin PM bottle? I really need them!"

  7. You are brilliantly evil. And with a straight face you could tell him you are worried that he might have a sensitive stomach since he's not handling 'the medicine' very well.

  8. LOLOLOL! I'm so glad you all agree with me! I was feeling just a little bad this morning.. But not anymore. Now I'm happy again. I think when I get in a bad mood I'll have to come back to this post to read your great comments again :D!!

    I could try to tell him I'm worried about his stomach, but I already know I would crack up laughing. Me and Aaron were already talking about what I would do if he confronts me, and we both decided I would probably break out in laughter. If he catches on I think I might go with LoveMy2Dogs approach, and be like- Well, I was using that bottle to store my laxatives. LOLOL

  9. haha!
    i would never touch 'sleeping pills' again!!

  10. I say leave the laxatives. And if he doesn't learn his lesson, figure out a way to candy coat some "presents" from your little rat friends. They're about the size of capsules.

  11. LOL thanks for making me laugh! Stressful few months so this was hiliarious to read. I hate when people do me that way like their just "entitled" to my belongings. What a great idea that I might use one day!! Especially when someone bothers my sweets! Be careful with the sleeping pills very addictive!! Other than that tell your cousin to have a "runny" good time!! =)

  12. I gotta say, that's quite funny. Serves him right for taking your stuff without asking.

  13. OMG that's hilarious and evil :D You did justice, he shouldn't touch your things .. especially when we talk about pills!

  14. hahaha that's awesome!! :D I think you should leave the pills :D let him take another 3! :D

  15. Funny! I have never done something like that, but when people come over I will put out the things I don't care so much about and hide the stuff that I really want.

  16. Hilarious!!! I'd totally leave the pills in there. Serves him right!!

    Maggie Ann True Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  17. Ha, ha (oh my) count me in on that 'maybe I'm a bad person, but I'm not sure' thing. I do stuff like that and my husband is appalled (then he laughs).

  18. SO evil, but I love it! It's a lesson well taught and it was safe so no harm done ( except maybe to his butt lol), I agree if he wanted some then he should've asked and I'm sure you would have given him a few! Everyone needs their 'evil' side to come out or else we'd all be pushovers! i hope he's a little bit less of a jerk now! :) (Raine)

  19. I've always wanted to do this to someone (give them laxatives without them knowing). I guess I'm a terrible person too. :P

  20. LOL!! You are evil!!

  21. love love love your evil genius-ness! you're a girl after my own heart, that's for sure!