Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Look what my Great Great Aunt gave me :)! +The Voice

My Great Great Aunt was down here a little while ago.. and I've been meaning to share this with all of you. My Aunt (Wow she's amazing) is 92 years old, and she was an Opera singer a long long time ago.. She sang with the best of the best.. (Pavarotti)

When she was down here she gave me one of her cherished pieces of jewelry.. It's so beautiful.
   Isn't it just gorgeous? It's the only gold piece of jewelry I own, and it just makes me smile when I see it! Thank you Aunt Loretta! I love you!

Also.. I've really enjoyed The Voice on NBC.. It's so good! Casey Weston from Team Adam actually lives in the next city over (I live in Bonita, she lives in Naples, they are like 10 miles apart), and everyone around here is talking about her.

I've been thinking about trying out for The Voice.. But.. I think maybe the 3rd season instead, when I have less going on in my life. Then again, I don't even know.. I mean I truly enjoy singing.. But my nerves get  the best of me. We'll see!


  1. That's a beautiul necklace! I would love to try out but my kids are so young and if I actually made it onto the show for a little while, I don't think I could stand to be away from them that long.

  2. Gorgeous necklace, I adore angels, they are one of my favorite things to collect. I have angels even out in the garden :)

  3. Your necklace is so special Amanda!
    I haven't checked out The Voice yet,but that sounds cool.