Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nutrisystem! (I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger!) Week 11

I had a great week! I mean, it wasn't a 10lb weight loss or anything, but I am down 3.6lbs! :)

I've followed the Nutrisystem Diet dead on this week.. (mostly because we have absolutely no money.. and we can't afford to go out, or buy any kind of junk food.. LOL) I also picked up some new exercises. I've been sticking to walking ever night, and a few stretches, and basic exercises.. Like jumping jacks. Well, this week I picked it up a little. Every night before I go to bed I jog in place for 5 minutes, and I do 150 sit ups. I'm starting to feel more toned in my tummy, and I'm feeling better about myself in general. With everything that is going on in my life right now, the last thing I need to worry about it my weight, so I feel very blessed to have been on the Nutrisystem Diet (I still have 5 more weeks :) )

Since starting the Nutrisystem diet, I am down  -24.2lbs!

Here were some of my favorite meals of the week:

 Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables:
I love the scrambled eggs. It's so amazing how a powder can turn into these delicious eggs. I love love love them!

The Mexican-Style Tortilla Soup-
  This is, hands down, the best lunch Nutrisystem has! The spices are amazing, and the soup is just so filling, creamy, and delicious.  A must try!

The Vegetarian Chili-
The first time I tried this, I really disliked it. I decided to give it another try. I have to admit, it was better then the first time I had it, but the texture just wasn't good for me.

The BBQ Soy Chips
 YUM! I wasn't too sure if I would like these, because BBQ, on this type of chip? I didn't expect it. I really enjoyed them!

I had a great week this week, and I can't wait until next week! :)

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