Monday, June 13, 2011

OMG Spider! (I HATE Spiders.. UHG!) + College

I hate summer here in Florida. First, it's too hot.. and 2nd.. spiders always come out. Not just regular spiders.. but the ugliest creepiest, scariest spiders in the world. Did I mention, I hate spiders? They terrify me. I was walking to the bathroom yesterday, and I saw this right above me, on the wall. I actually, almost died. I have no idea what type of spider this is, and I don't care too. I just hope I don't see another. Especially.. if it's on the floor. These suckers can jump.. FAR!

I also just wanted to mention, I went to College today for orientation. Things went great. I go back tomorrow to turn in my financial aid. So tomorrow I'll tell you all about that, and I also have 2 super awesome giveaways coming up tomorrow sometime.. So be on the look out :)

I've gotta get some sleep, because were going early tomorrow.. But really quick, I just wanted to thank you all again for voting for Gumby in the Agile Rat Photo Contest. Gumby is winning so far, at 13%. Thanks everyone! :)



  1. Go get 'em! I expect to hear some super good news about college!

  2. Yep! That's the same type of spider that's been hanging out on my porch lately (I'm in South Florida, too). I was thinking the other day as I had to stand next to him while I let the dog out: "I sure hope these things don't jump!" But they are far better than the wolf spiders that like my front entrance!

  3. Eww creepy. I live in Canada and usually I only see small spiders but last year I found this in my backyard...

    Ughhhh I HATE spiders

  4. My husband hates spiders, and I don't mind a nice quiet little spider, but big ones that run and jump will freak me out. So, not long after we moved to Northwest Florida (home for me, hubby's from the Midwest), this giant spider turn up. Its body was probably the size of a quarter and with the legs it was as big as a man's hand. All three of us (me, Tim and the spider) were jumping and leaping and shrieking. Okay, maybe that last was just me. We finally got rid of it, though.

    I really detest roaches much more than spiders.