Monday, June 6, 2011


I was going through some more older pictures, and I found these 2. I had to share it with all of you.
My grandpa used to work out at a golf course, and he found this rattlesnake! Yeah! We hurried over and got a few pictures! When grandma saw this picture.. She was so mad! She's terrified of snakes, and was so upset to see me holding this one. These pictures are maybe about 4 years old? Not sure exactly. I still have that shirt, and wear it alot, so I know it's not that old :p.

I also wanted to update all of you on my College situation. I took the tests, and I am all set! On the 13th I go to orientation, and get all my classes set up, and I'll start officially (like taking classes) on June 27th :)! I'm nervous, but excited at the same time.

Anyways, here's the other picture:


  1. I hope that thing was dead! Oh I can see why your Grandma would be angry- that would scare me to pieces seeing someone I knew holding a dealy snake.
    I dont mind snakes personally, but I leave em alone and dont touch them. (I dont touch them if they dont touch me )

  2. I have never touched a snake! too afraid!

  3. It wasn't dead. It was dying. I guess someone hit part of it, but when I was holding him, he was still moving (not a lot, but still moving)

  4. You are brave to hold that snake!
    Glad your test taking is done and plans for college are coming along!

  5. that's so scary how your holding it .. id be afraid it would curl up and ... uggh

    congrats on college path!

  6. It is good drug for nurves ))

  7. look at you in all your snake charming cuteness! we don't see too many rattlesnakes out here...and the ones we do are just passing thru. the moccasins are another thing entirely. i am all about live and let live, but the only good moccasin is a dead one. they're so dadgum aggressive...nasty little beasts!

    i KNEW you'd ace it on that test! you sell yourself short too often! learn to see yourself like we see you! you rock girlie!

  8. We have three pet snakes but i never even saw a real rattlesnake before!
    That is great news about rock!

  9. YIKES!! I am not a fan of snakes - but these are great pictures