Thursday, June 9, 2011

You won't believe this..

(That's a really old picture of my grandpa. One of my favorites :) )

Ok.. So I had to share this with all of you.. 
This is a true story.. Happened yesterday.

Yesterday Aaron was walking the dogs.. Well actually, before I start, let me just say; I really freaking hate the neighborhood I live in. (What happened makes it worse, but I've actually hated it here since as long as I can remember.. All the people in this neighborhood are so mean and nosy. They seriously could probably tell you more about you, then you could even tell about yourself..)

Well, anyway.. Yesterday..
Aaron's walking our dogs. He runs into one of our neighbors (she's not a direct neighbor, but she lives a few houses down.) We always try to avoid this woman, because she's very blunt, and it comes off very rude (for instance, When I gained about 15lbs a few months ago, I was walking by her, and her exact words were "Your getting fat" no joke) So anyway, Aaron is trying to just walk by her house.. and she comes over to talk to him (It's no secret in my neighborhood, that Grandpa has Cancer now) 

Here's the conversation they had: ( I won't mention her name, to be nice. A lot of my neighbors frequent my blog )

Aaron- Hello

Rude Woman- How's Dave? Why is the boat outside of your house?

Aaron- Well, Dave is having a good day, so he's going to go out on the boat.

Rude Woman- What do you mean, good days? 

Aaron- He has days where he's really sick, and days where he feels pretty good. On his good days, he try's to get out to do as much as possible, while he can.

Rude Woman- Oh. Dave is so lucky, he has the good Cancer.

Aaron- Excuse me? Dave has TERMINAL Cancer.

Rude Woman- Yeah, but Dave can walk, and get out. When I had Cancer, I couldn't even walk. He has the good kind.

At this point Aaron was furious, and he just walked her off. 

Now I'm going to actually pipe in..
Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! Does she think it's a competition?! Grandpa can walk.. Thank GOD. All this piece of work cares about is if her Cancer was more painful then his. Who gives a crap! I cannot believe this woman! Even though we don't like our neighbors, we have always shown them respect. This woman has completely lost my respect. How can you be so heartless? My grandpa is DYING of Terminal Cancer.. and all you can do is.. I don't even know what to say.. Beat him? Congratulations? 

When Aaron told me what was said.. I just couldn't believe it. 

I have never encountered someone so insensitive. I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about it!

I'm off to bed everyone. I just wanted to share that with all of you really quick.



  1. Here is what I have noticed about some people ........
    "Their" illness is ALWAYS worse- they had the 'bad' kind of cancer, they had a huge incision, they almost died on the table etc if they find out you or someone you know have had something similiar to what they have had. (or even someone they know had) They seem to carry it into every aspect of thier lives everything is always bigger and better even if it is a horrible thing.

    Your thinking 'congratulations' is right on the money. It does feel like they want to be congratulated doesnt it?

    No kidding, some people are like that- it is like a competition to them. They will keep on and keep on about how worse theirs was and in no way will your experience compare.

    Don't let some ill natured woman bug ya- I know you are sensitive right now. Enjoy the fact that your Grandpa is having good days and feels like boating .

    Thats a great picture of your Grandpa- he always seems to have a smile on his face :) Keep him smiling!

  2. This woman is a bully that has never had the line drawn for her. If this had happened to me I would have gone to her door very nicely and in non confrontational manner and told her that for now on her opinion is not wanted nor will be listened to and to mind her own business for now on. I would further tell her that she is hurtful and I've instructed my son to continue walking without stopping to talk to her or answer questions.
    People like this are miserable and ignorant and they want everyone else to be. Draw your line. Just tell her this in a conversational tone and it will help her more than what you will ever dream.
    We are facebook fans of one another and I saw your post there so came over and am now following you via GFC.
    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Sweetie, it's me. We've talked of my illness, even though I've never tried to out do any one with it. I just want you to keep being that strong duck that I know you are and let silly people like that roll of your back and put them behind you. I'm so proud of how strong you are Grandpa. He needs that and that is why he has good days. Karma will take care of Rude Woman in the end.

    P.S. Grandpa's a cutie!;D

  4. *smh* some peoples children!

    if ignorance is bliss, she must be the happiest freakin woman on the face of the planet!

    lets go toilet paper her house!

  5. Sorry your neighbor is a moron,some people are just wacked. Your grandpa is strong and i am so happy he has good days.hugs honey!!

  6. Ugh I hate people like that! I have an aunt just like your neighbor. She is always hurt or sick. I never know when its real or fake or just all in her head. Everything is a competition with her when it comes to pain/sickness - hers is always more painful, last longer and she always has it worse than you can imagine. Its to the point where you can't even talk to her without her bringing it up.

    I think people like that just strive for attention even if its bad attention. They want everyone to feel sorry for them because it makes them feel better, I don't even think they realize how much it can hurt the others around them!

    Stay strong and try not to let people like her bring you down!

  7. Listen, I know we are all raised to be polite to our elders, or neighbors or whatever.
    But some people, just are to damn dense or rude or just plain mean to worry about practicing the niceties in life around them.

    My son was murdered when he was 19 years old. He was my baby.
    Since then, I have learned a few lessons in life that really make a huge difference in living in this world.

    1 is to remove all TOXIC PEOPLE out of your life! You don't need them. All they do is make life harder then what is it already. So, when this EMOTIONAL VAMPIRE invades your space, cross the street if possible, if not, then turn around and go back in the opposite direction! Do not argue, talk or look at her. Believe me the satisfaction will make you glow! Within a few times, she wont even bother talking to you. I have gotten rid of all toxic people in my life and OMG girl, its amazing how much better it is. I dont have people telling me how to feel, how to act, and all the other bullshit people do to make them feel bad. I surround myself with people who I know love and support me. I wish I had done this years ago! If you do this, I PROMISE, THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE MAKING YOU SICK TO YOUR STOMACH. I PROMISE!

  8. Hey! Forget these people, they have problems of their own. That's the only way they know how to get attention! Found you at the Friday Blog Hop, and am glad I did. Am a happy new follower :).

  9. that is disgusting and TERRIBLE! my dad had liver cancer and he could totally walk and talk except for his last week of living, he couldn't eat, etc ... oh wow. dont even get us started! right? ...
    wow ... *hugs*
    anyways doll ... its a little uncomfortable putting this on this post but since i'm here ...
    New follower via email because GFC is not working for me! I will see an email from you and follow via GFC in a few days! Found you on friday + weekend hops! I would LOVE it if you would check out my blog in return and follow <3