Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Alphabeasts


Alphabeasts.. Probably one of the best ways to teach your children the alphabet.

Alphabeasts are really adorable monsters. Each monster has a different letter on it, which corresponds to it's name.

With Alphabeasts you can have hours and hours of fun! They make great toys, because they are cute, super soft, and unique.

On one side of the monster you have the uppercase letter, and on the other is the lower case version of the letter. It's really great, because it helps children to recognize letters early on. If you get your 2 year old an Alphabeast, and he plays and sleeps with it everynight.. Chances are he's going to remember that letter.

The more Alphabeasts you have the better. If you have all 26 you can spell words, make phrases, practice spelling.. While still keeping it fun!
You can also get initials, and place the Alphabeasts in your child's room as a way to customize it :)

For my review I received 2 adorable Alphabeasts :) R and N.
Robbletop (R) for Rat :), or for Rosco.. OR for another rat :p, of for Rudy!

And then Nanonocci for Nakie's (Naked Rats :p)
  Aren't Alphabeasts just adorable? I love them, and I know you would too! :)

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Disclosure- Review products were provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed were my own, and were not influenced in any way. Facebook is in no way involved.


  1. How awesome are these? I absolutely love how cute they are.

  2. haha I LOVE these! My son wants them all :O)

  3. The Alphabeasts are super cute! My daughter would adore them, she loves stuffed animals!

  4. Quite cute! My daughter would hug and squeeze them!

  5. How cute are these. My daughter would love it!

  6. cute :) and so are your rats!