Thursday, August 4, 2011

$250 Plastic Jungle Gift Card School Rules Event GIVEAWAY!

As a kid the first thing we think of when it comes to "Back to School" is back to school shopping!  Yes, we all love back to school shopping, but wouldn't it be much much better if it was discounted?  Heck yes!   Plastic Jungle has you covered this school season with whatever your needs are!  At you can buy discounted gift cards at up to 35% off!  Shop at the hottest back to school shopping stores such as Kohl's, Target,  Aeropostale, Children's Place, JCpenny's and much much more! 

Let's get real; we've all received a gift card that we will probably never use.  In fact there are approximately $30 billion in unused gift cards, an average of $300 per household, likely sitting in your kitchen and sock drawers, that will probably never be used.  Plastic Jungle has you covered you are free to sell all those unused gift cards to put extra cash in your wallet for school, Plastic Jungle pays out up to 92% 

You sold you're gift card, what will you get in return?  You'll get your choice of Gift Card, PayPal Cash, Cashiers Check, or even donate to choice of charity!  You can even receive your funds instantsly and hassle-free, you'll love how truly easy it is!

Now Mom and child can shop in harmony this season with cheaper back to school shopping!  Save more than ever.

 JC Penny's gift cards up to 14% off

I'm dying to get 15% off at Kohl's,  that would make for the entire familys wardrobe discounted!  With hudreds of retail locations, resturants, and online sites to choose from you truly save more with!