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BlogPOP School Rules - Bistro MD Giveaway!

***This review series was written by Jenna M Wood of Momma Told Me, for Blog POP! All opinions expressed therein are provided voluntarily, and solely hers.

BistroMD is one of the nation's top gourmet meal plan services, providing a custom at home delivery program designed to meat special dietary needs, busy schedules, or simply serve frazzled parents in need of delicious nutrition! Founded and overseen by a practicing physician, Caroline J. Cederquist, all meals are conceived in a professional commercial kitchen, by actual chefs. BistroMD offers 3 day programs, to monthly schedules, with, or without, snacks- it couldn't be more convenient to eat healthy, delicious meals that fit any lifestyle. Visit Bistro Md to claim your free Diet Analysis today!

Bistro MD: Snacks
By; Jenna M Wood, Momma Told Me

Receiving even 5 days of meals and snacks can seem a bit overwhelming. There's the freezer space you have to coordinate, and snacks that have to be hid from tiny hands (or hungry husbands). Thankfully, all of the Bistro MD entrees are clearly labeled in easy to remove, or save, sleeves. I love that I can file the sleeves to keep track of dishes (should I want to try to recreate one on my own time or refer to them for dieting logs). The entrees also feature comprehensive Nutritional Information, and easy preparation instructions. But what we haven't gone into depth on are the snacks and their prep. Let's take a look at what makes Bistro MD one of the leading at home gourmet diet services!

First, I should explain that having snacks in your meal plan is entirely optional; though the cost (in my opinion) is a nominal difference. Overall, I highly suggest going with the full plan. Just the convenience alone is worthwhile, and the snacks themselves are varied enough to enjoy. Especially when you're looking to round out your nutrition during stressful times of the day (shuttling kids back and forth, preparing for a big meeting), it's nice not to have to think about calories or vitamin content. One of the brand's more common snacks comes in the form of a dietary shake. This powdered milk is packaged in a sealed, self contained, on-the-go bottle. Simply fill with cold water and enjoy- or you can go with my preference and use low fat soy milk. The water does tend to be a little thin when blended, so if you go that route, use chilled water.

Bistro MD likes to mix up the sweet and savory snacks, and even schedule desserts, or 'your choice' nights. The plan is constantly evolving, and yours will never be the same, so it's hard to get bored. I love that all of their snacks are individually packaged, though some come in REALLY basic packaging. We're talking no labels, outside of a stamp, in a foiled pouch. Thankfully this does not effect the flavor or quality. If anything, it makes them less conspicuous as 'diet food.' On the low end of my favorite snacks would be the protein granola bars, that border on the 'too chewy' side. On the opposite end are savory snacks such as BBQ snack Bites and Dried beef Sirloin. The portions are never too big, and always just right.

What I have found is that the snacks are great for those getting used to the plan; people who typically eat large portions, or are transitioning to a dramatically healthier lifestyle. It can be hard for these people to get from meal to meal without cheating or munching. The snacks are a lifesaver then! After a few go arounds though, I find myself relying on the snacks less and less. I'll substitute a fresh sliced apple, or low fat Greek Yogurt. Either way, Bistro Md is gourmet from start to finish!

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