Thursday, August 4, 2011

BlogPOP School Rules- Glasses for the Entire Family (Up to $500) Giveaway

Shopping for prescription eyeglasses with kids can be quite the daunting task. It's hard enough to get the kidlets dressed in an outfit they'll wear for one day, let alone decide upon a permanent facial fixture! Often times children will associate prescription glasses with a stigma that is uncool or 'nerdy'. Many children will even fight seeing an optometrist, squinting for years (and causing irreversible astigmatisms), to simply avoid this unwelcome accessory. Part of any Back To school prep is a comprehensive health check that ensures every child is given the same, visual, advantage. Thankfully, Blog POP! has just the solution to get even the newest of prescription lens wearers excited about shopping for new glasses.

And, if your child doesn't require prescription eyeglasses, there's still a need for proper UV protection while performing in sports or Physical Education. 39 Dollar Glasses offers custom kid's sunglasses, complete with rhinestone accents and free colored tinting. You'll never have to fight your little one to put on their shades again! And, for those with actual prescription needs, parents will breathe easier knowing they can browse frames without the high pressure up-sells, from the comfort of their own home. You spend enough at the local optometrist already,why give them the satisfaction of seeing your child in what lines their pockets most? Choosing prescription eye wear can be a big event for most children, don't spoil it with high pressure sales and skewed opinions! Thanks to the internet, and websites such as, shopping for prescription kid's eyeglasses online has never been easier, or more affordable. has brought the power of selection and competitive pricing to the shopper, with shatterproof and UV protect treatments on ALL kids lenses. Actually owned and operated by two legitimate optometrists, and fathers themselves, this website truly understands a parent's need to save money, and satisfy their children. They also understand the need for speedy processing (which is a lifesaver with little ones, and 'accidents') and always offer Next Day Shipping for a fraction of what their competitors do.And did we mention the easy to navigate Return Policy? All of their American made (Long Island, NY), kid's prescription eyeglasses feature a quick turnaround and 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Never worry about picky kids, or imperfect fit again! Frame packages start at just $39, much like the name suggests, and the whole family will have fun browsing the adorable kid's frames (named after various animals)!

Browsing is visual for the shopper, with (circa 80s SuperCuts) model photos grouped by facial shape and gender. Frame specs, multiple color options, and alternate views help you and your child find a frame that fits their taste. Even children strong prescriptions can avoid the 'coke bottle' effect, thanks to 39 Dollar Glasses' Super Thin 1.67 Index lens options! Choose from affordable flex (a lifesaver with tots), titanium, plastic, rimless and more- across 3 pages of specially designed children's frames. The prices you'll find ALWAYS include a basic scratch resistant Rx lens, and shatterproof base, in the cost, so there's no ugly math or surprises when checking out. refuses to allow any child to wear less than shatterproof lenses! And, if you desire additional features, such as transition lenses, or Swarovski embellishments, 39 Dollar Glasses will be happy to oblige for a nominal charge.

Your child's new favorite Prescription Eyeglasses, or Sunglasses, always arrive in a solid case, nestled inside a soft microfiber pouch, with cleaning cloth and emergency repair kit! These portable, keychain, repair kits are a must have during the Back To School season, or in any glove compartment.

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