Thursday, August 4, 2011

BlogPOP School Rules - Moby Family Locator App + iPad 2 GIVEAWAY!

Stay connected.  Stop Worrying.

Moby is a FREE family locator app that let's you privately share your location with family, friends or colleagues.  Moby makes it possible to check in with them or request help for yourself with just a tap.

I can't tell you how many times I have called my husband and said "Where are you?!!" Or how many times I've caught my mother calling my younger sister yelling "Where the heck are you!" into the phone.  Now that we all have Moby the question has not changed, it just hasn't been asked.   Working as a cell phone location tracking device, Moby allows you to share, invite, check in, request a check in, and alert for help.  Moby also gives you instant notifications and will even let you hide ; )  You get it all with Moby!

Moby is wonderful for families!  School life is never easy, especially with multiple children, and multiple after school activities.  I'm talking sports, plays, meetings, every ones schedule can get too packed and Moby makes it easier to keep track of everyone!  It also doubles as not only a great way to keep everyones location on hand but also a personal safety app.

Easily share your location with your family, friends, and colleagues.  You can select which friends you want to share with and how long you want to share for.  Even if you have friends haven't downloaded Moby yet you can instantly text or email them your location.

Invitations could be more simple with Moby.  Moby lets you choose you who to invite right out of your phone Contacts with the Contacts app integration feature.

Check In and Request Check In:

Should you choose not to share your location, others can request you to "check in" with them.  You can check in with them and even send back a short message.  Need to check in with multiple people?  Moby allows you to check in with your choice of contacts as many as you'd like at one time.

With the tap of a finger your selected family/friends/colleagues can be alerted where you are.  This comes in particularly useful with everything from a flat tire to a real emergency situation.

Notification Log:
Your personal notification log will keep track of the last 25 events your friends sent you so you never have to worry about missing anything!  Your notification log will hold everything from check ins, to requested check ins, to alerts so you are always on top of things!


We ALL need alone time!  You can quickly disable location sharing to hide.  Moby is sure to give you the tools you need to protect your privacy and ALWAYS control who can see your location.

Moby is perfect for:
-the child that just got their licence and is going to a friends, then the movies and DOES NOT want to be embarrassed by mom and dad calling every hour.
--the family when you're all at the mall or amusement park, or vacation so you can coordinate where each other is at and not do the "ok, I'm in Sears, I'll meet you at..."
--Mom to know that dad is stuck at the office and cannot pick up the kids today
--the entire family to know that there was an emergency and they need help.
--the student walking back to their dorm off campus after a late night class
--the friends that always loose each other at the block party.
--the realtor driving to an unfamiliar part of town to show a home.
Moby is for everyone. I invite you to give it a try and invite your friends and family.  It's a completely FREE app so there is no harm in trying!  I also would like to invite you to enter to win an iPad 2 sponsored by Moby


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  2. Great giveaway, I did all the entries except the FB friend add because I don't add strangers. :)

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