Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots and lots of Winners!

Lots and lots of winners!

Trying to get caught up with everything. Thanks so much for everyone for being so patient and understanding.

Here are the latest lucky winners:
Winner of the Food Should Taste Good Giveaway:
Comment Number 16; Crazylicious85
 Winner of the Shoulder Buddy Giveaway:
Comment Number 86: Steph
  Winner of the Cravory Giveaway:
 Comment Number 404: Cal's Cats-Micah P
 Winner of the Gourmet Gift Basket Giveaway:
Comment Number 591: D.Calvert

 Winner of the Fairytale Brownies Giveaway:
Comment Number 23: jayedee

Winner of the Chakra Pillow Giveaway:
Comment Number 36: rj7777

Congrats to all of the very lucky winners! And thank you to everyone for entering :)

Good luck to everyone in the future! 


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