Thursday, August 18, 2011

Noob's overweight issues

I can honestly tell you all that yesterday, when I posted those pictures of my cat Noob, I truly didn't think it would bring up any controversy.

Since my grandpa has died, it's not like I sit around laughing and smiling about everything. Right now, I am going through some of the hardest time's of my life, and when I saw Noob sitting like that, and we took pictures, I thought it was funny, because it looked silly, and made me smile.
I thought it would make you all smile too.

Now I feel like I've been called  a bad owner to my pets :(. As you all know, I have ton's of pets, and I would never purposely allow one to be obese.

So I wanted to actually come make a post to try and clear things up, so I am not construed in such a negative way.

Here is Noob's story:

Noob was a rescue cat. She was part of what is known as the "Spay and Release" program. I don't know if they have this where any of you are, but in this program, cat's are spayed, and then released into the wild. Before being released part of their ears are cut off, to be "marked" so they know which cat's are part of the program (to ensure they aren't accidentally spayed again.) Now here's the worst part - IF the cat's are accidentally caught again by a rescue that doesn't participate in the "Spay and Release" program, and they come in with "clipped ears" then they are put to sleep.

I really don't support this program, and this is why I adopted Noob. When I got her she was already a very large cat, and I have always monitored my cat's eating habbits, and It's not that she's gaining weight from the way I am handling her. I constantly play with her, and I try to keep her active. She has lost about 2lbs since we got her.

I'm not sure why she isn't losing more, but if you take a look at all of my other cat's you will see that they are at a healthy weight. I never over feed my cats.

Being accused of "killing" my cat really upset me, and I don't want anyone to think this is what I am doing. I truly thought that by posting those pictures, I would simply be putting smiles on a few faces. I never thought in a million years that anything bad would come up :(

I really hope none of you see me as this terrible person that doesn't take care of her cat's or pets in a decent way :(

All of my pets are very loved, and highly cared for. I love each and every one of them.


  1. Ya know Amansa, I really wouldn't worry about what other people say. You know how your animal is treated and thats the important thing.

    Like I posted, I have 5 cats inside right now and do cat rescue... out of the inside cats 2 are overweight, and both look alot like Noob there only they are striped.

    Mine all eat the same thing- Purina One- day after day they eat that and only the 2 are overweight. Some cats have different metabolisms.

    True, you do have to get the heavy cats moving a bit more, and I am sure you do that. I am also sure your pets are loved and well taken care of.

    And you know what? People all have their opinions as to how pets should be cared for, fed, etc. Thats all they are is their opinions.

    I do TNR (what you call spay and release) and am glad Noob got a good forever home. So many feral cats don't- they are too wild, or their temperament isn't suitable to become a housepet. People who do TNR are helping control the population... and vetting the cats (shots, flea meds etc ) and there are alot of us that do it completely out of pocket.

    For those who are critical of how you treat Noob... well it sounds as if where she is is so much better than living on the streets where she was.


  2. and d'oh my shoddy typing- "Amanda" !

  3. Don't worry about what other say. My pets are a little fluffy...nothing major or that the vet even mentions. They cycle up and down with the seasons, depending on how much time they spend running outside (fenced in yard in country). However, I had a weiner dog who was very overweight. It was not what he ate, how much exercise he got or anything. He had thyroid problems and congestive heart failure but was still healthy for a long, long time. Just like people, some animals genes make them bigger, not necessarily unhealthy.

  4. don't worry. i know you're not feeding her on purpose or sth. when my cat was fat no one accused me of mistreating him although some would make fun of him.

  5. Don't worry about a few nay sayers. I have had 5 cats, 4 of which were big cats (not only large but fat) and 1 which is small and skinny. These cats all ate the same food, were played with the same, etc. Cats are like people, some are just larger than other.

  6. I'm a serious lurker, I'm really sorry for all the bad, horrible things you've gone through. I'm also sorry I didn't say so earlier. Its obvious you love all your fur babies. You are saving so many lives. Your sweet Noob would have such a horrible, unloved life without you. To me that is the most important thing.

  7. I think it's wonderful that you rescued Noob and I don't think you are mistreating him. I also owned a large cat that ended up over weight. His brother was not so that goes to show you cats are all different just like people. Hugs

  8. I didn't read the comments you're talking about, but the pictures were cute and funny. I am all for loving your pets like they are people, but honestly cats are cats. What are you suppose to do buy it a tread mill or measure out 1 cup of food a day and not let it have any more if its hungry? That's just silly. Like all other animals, cats come in a wide variety of sizes. Just because he's bigger than someone elses cat doesn't mean he's truly unhealthy. I'm sure you don't go around buying mcdonalds and forcing your cat to eat it. lol. I wouldn't worry about uptight people.

  9. From following your site it is obvious you are an animal lover. Cats just like people come in different sizes. I also think it was the position in which he was filmed is perhaps not the most flattering for a "fluffy" fellow such as Noob.
    My opinion is that he is adorable and lucky to be your kitty.

  10. Honey let me just tell you something you can definitely tell you take care of your animals! You have such a huge heart when it comes to animals because there's no way I could have that many animals in one house I would go crazy trying to keep up! If some people actually paid attention they could tell from the other animals that you don't over feed them and not trying to harm them in anyway. When I see your pics I see the love you have for them! HELLO what is your blog name?? Rats and more!!!!! Some people really make me mad when they assume something before knowing the facts. Geez you really don't need people that are negative like that on your blog. You've already been through enough lately to put up with their garbage attitudes. I think some people just post things like that to make everyone upset to sit back and watch it all unfold. Their probably the ones neglecting their animals by not feeding them everyday!! Uhhh hello you have healthy animals it looks like to me! They have shiny fur, definitely no malnutrition going on, you don't have them in small areas where they can't move around, their not lying in their own feces, their fur isn't matted together, etc. Some cats are just fat period!! Next time something like this happens just don't let it get to you. Click on the ignore button!! (I wish there was one of those everywhere you could post) There's too many negative people trying to bring others down. That's what is wrong with the world today then alot of it gets passed to their children. What I see in those pictures is a damn good pet owner who adopted pets that no longer had a loving home, someone to care for them like NOT feeding them. I personally thought the pictures where damn hiliarious because of the positions your cat was in. Keep up the great job, we have your back girl!!

  11. Ya i agree,you are one of the best animal moms i know! I knew you didn't post those pictures to make Noob look bad..such a pretty kitty! geez,i was so pissed when i knew you would get sad.whatever,your babies are loved, no need to defend..even though that's great too:)
    Love ya hun!

  12. Ur pictures of Noob actually prompted me to weigh my Harley. He now weighs 16lbs! When we adopted him 7 years ago he was the runt of the litter, now he is huge! We thought when we moved from a small apartment to a townhouse with 3 levels he would loose weight but he is actually gaining! He runs around a plays but his belly still jiggles. I have had people say I'm a bad owner letting him be overweight but he gets his annual checkup every year and obviously the vet notices he gains weight but my other kitty stays the same weight. Both kitty's are healthy and the vet said if his weight ever got to be a problem she would do blood tests to see if maybe his thyroid was out of whack. Regular readers know how much your pets are loved and cared for!

  13. I have two overweight cats, a couple of chubby cats, and a few that are normal. We do our best for them, but (like their mom and dad) it's hard for the heavy ones to lose weight, even on special diets. I know you are doing the best for Noob and all your pets, too.

    I don't think she even looks particularly heavy in that picture.