Thursday, August 18, 2011

Really funny pictures of my cat Noob


My cat Noob is pretty over weight. The other day she was sitting like this, and started rolling like an egg, it was like the funniest thing I've ever seen.

I thought it would make you all smile :p

Here's a few more:
  (LOL Because she's winking in that one ^)

 Noob is officially on a more closely watched diet. 


  1. lol! my cat used to be fat too but he lost weight when he started to explore outside of the house (I lived in a flat but now I'm at my parents again). He's actually fit now. :D And he was kinda depressed before but now he is very happy.

  2. that's really sad. can't you build her an indoor play scape? cats need exercise for a good quality of life. i walk my dog daily.
    anne hill
    calliope_123 at hotmail dot com

  3. I have 2 fat cats out of 5 . I know they have different metabolisms since they all eat basically the same thing!
    Noob is a chub :) LOL!

  4. My husband has an aunt who feeds her dog WAY to much and he's now so fat he can barely make it outside to do his business. Even sitting inside, doing nothing, he can barely breathe. I keep telling her Benji (the dog) is going to die way to soon because he's so unhealthy, and it's her fault, she's killing him by feeding him to much. I agree with anonymous, it's sad, not funny.

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  6. Noob is cute! We have a 'big' cat too even though we feed them all the same. The other cats don't get soft food or treats because i know 'big' Boxy doesn't need it. She runs around happily still,maybe it's in her genes?!?

  7. awwwe, she's beautiful. She's not fat...just...fluffy...yeah, that's it....fluffy! *giggles

  8. LOL that is super funny I had to show them to Ryan. They remind me of garfield :)

  9. I noticed that Noob's belly is really bare. Does she overgroom or pluck her belly? I have had two cats that did that, and both did it because of food allergies.

    Chicken is the #1 food allergen, so you might want to switch to a food that has no chicken or chicken meal or chicken broth (make sure to read the ingredients carefully and avoid all chicken). It will take a month or two to really be able to tell if the chicken was the culprit. At about two months, I noticed the fur coming in very short and covering my cat's belly.

    Grain is another culprit, so you might want to switch to a grainless variety as well. If you need some recommendations, feel free to contact me!

    Give Noob a nuzzle from me!