Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Forever Taken by Danyale Nees

"Embark on an adventure with Veronica. She is raised in a small town in North Carolina. Explore with her to California, to follow her dreams in acting and romance.

She will embark on a journey into learning love, passion, heartbreak, and how life really works. She will have to choose between a guy who she thinks is her prince charming and one who is not.

Who will Veronica choose? What's her destined path? Will she have realized the right guy for her before its too late, or will his heart be closed forever. "

What a great book! I absolutely loved reading "Forever Taken."

If you like love stories, then this is a great book to look in to!

The story starts off with a young girl, and her friend, who are both looking for love. The main character, Roni thinks she finds it, and spends the next few years with her world centered around this man.

Years down the road she meets another man, and she is torn between both of them.

What I love about this story, is that you find yourself, really drawn in. Like, there were times that I had actually wished I was Roni, so I could make the choices for her :). The book is very suspenseful, because you never know when/if Roni will change her mind.

I will definitely say that the book keeps you very anxious. I was literally like sitting on the edge of my chair the entire time, reading it.

The best part about this book, is that it is available on for only $2.99 as an e-book.

You can connect with the author, Danyale, on her Author Blog; Escape Into Writings, You can "Like" her on Facebook, and you can follow her on Twitter @DanyaleNees.


  1. I've never seen this book before, but it sounds like a good one, since I do like love stories.
    I don't have an e-reader yet. I was leaning toward a Nook Color, but after more research, I think I've decided to buy a kindle.

    Glad you liked the book.

  2. Vicki I'm the owner and if you don't have a reader you can buy it and download straight to your computer on amazon or you can purchase from me direct as a pdf file if you like.

    escapeintowritings at centurylink dot net