Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We named the kitty :) And a really funny picture of her!


Have I mentioned to you all how much I love my camera? My camera has what is called "Fish Eye Effect" and it like distorts pictures. Well the above (and below) picture was one of the results lol. Every time I see that picture I crack up. I just think it's absolutely hilarious.

I have another, it's not quite as funny, but still amusing:
 I wanted to let you all know that we did in fact name her.

It's actually kind of a funny story.

I thought I had the perfect name! I told Aaron, I said, "I want to name her Thelma" and he got all annoyed, and said "I hate that name, you might as well call her Sacagawea." That's when I knew it!

So, her name is officially Sacagawea :)

Not the average name for a kitten, haha :p, but I really like it :)
You wouldn't believe how big she is getting too! Still so dang adorable though!

Either later tonight, or very early tomorrow I have an amazing review and giveaway coming up! (Oh, your all gonna LOVE it! It's the PERFECT fit for my blog ^.^ There will be super cute pictures too :p) And I have another planned shortly after. I am really going to start trying to get back on track, and get things running again.

Also, either later tonight, or tomorrow, I have a REALLY funny picture of my cat Noob; That I'm going to share :)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed :P


  1. Oh my god she's so adorable!! I love her paws! I'm such a sucker for kitten paws/toes, I don't even know why =)

  2. SO cute!! I can't believe how much bigger she's gotten since the last pictures you posted. I'm glad she's doing well :)

  3. What a cute kitteh!! She's got the most amazing markings!

  4. she has GORGEOUS markings Amanda! I think Thelma was funny too. But you might be amazed...all the older 'granny' like names are coming back for kids!
    That kitten is too darn cute, she reminds me of growing up on the farm. We had Holstein cows and her markings of black and white are just too cool! I love the name!

  5. love her markings just so cute :)

  6. That's great! Sacagawea is very pretty and getting so big,i can tell she feels comfortable at home :)

  7. Sacagawea is a great name for a cat. But what are you going to call her for short? Seriously, in my house Prestidigitation is called Presto, Trickster is called Tricky, and Kali Malicious is Kali. I've got a great thing going with Kali, though -- when she's being particularly bad, I just have to use her full name, and say it very sternly, and she will (usually) straighten up and behave.

  8. She has gotten big! She is so lucky to have found you, she looks happy and content *purrs*