Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nutrisystem! ( I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger!) Week 18 #nsnation

I am starting to get back on track!

Last week didn't feel so great because I had that 6.2lb weight gain.. I was a little nervous about this week, but I am happy to be down 2.8lbs! I had a really great week. Not only because I was enjoying delicious Nutrisystem, but I also got a new bicycle! I am very excited, because now I can incorporate bicycling into my exercise regimen as well, and hopefully I will start seeing even bigger, and better results!

My new total weight loss is now to an awesome -33.8lbs!

Here were my favorite dishes of the week:
The Garden Vegetable Omlet:
 Yum! Still one of my most favorites! This frozen dish is just so cheesy, and delicious, it tastes like it could be from one of my favorite Restaurant's!

The Toasted Ham and Cheese:
  I am not a huge ham fan, but I just can't resist this! It's wonderful! Jam packed full of delicious bits of ham, and cheese☺

The Glazed Chicken Tenders:

Amazing! The Glazed Chicken Tenders are just perfect. So juicy, and hearty! I love them.
The Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies:
  Mm cookies :) They were a little hard, but I loved that they were tiny, and bite-sized, so they lasted longer.

Overall, I feel like I had a pretty decent week, and I hope to see even better results next week with my bike :)

We'll see!

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