Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pillow People

Pillow People (1985) I've had him for as long as I remember :)

He has a few stains, but still hanging in there :D

(IF he looks familiar, This Pillow People was also seen in Full House ☺


  1. I have this pillow!!!! New follower from Welcome Wednesday! I would love for you stop by my blog some time!!


  2. I like it! That is one friendly pillow. I wonder if it talks and walks?

    Thanks for dropping by Momfever!


  3. I still have mine. she was the one with the pink polkadots. I believe she is in the attic.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  4. Hi, I am your new follower from Bloghop Thursday. I hope that you can follow me back at my Kids e-Connection blog. Thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks for linking up at blogging buddies thursday.. I'm following you back :)

  6. That certainly brings back memories. Forgot all about the Pillow People until your WW. Wow, you've hung on to it for quite some time. How Cool!

  7. I DO remember pillow people,surprised i didn't have one.Yours looks good still! Sorry i haven't been around,missed ya:) I've been having computer problems and its making me crazy!! Hope you have a nice weekend hun

  8. I remember them! But i didn't have one!

  9. love it!!! wanna smile? check out my ww from this week
    i laughed so hard the dogs thought i was crazy!

  10. I've been searching everywhere for that pillow..... My mother had that one when she was a little girl, and someone had broken into her house and has stolen it.... If you know where there is at least one left out there please leave me a comment! PLEASE!!!

  11. Anybody know where i can get one of these ?

    Window Rattler

  12. I have a few for sale up on ebay right now, including his exact same one in excellent condition if any of you are interested.

    1. yes i was wondering if you have the one like on full house and how much you can email me at thanks