Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: My Bike :)

I love my bike! It has taken my exercise regimen to the next step! I actually had another bike, but it was extremely sad, and I had to return it for a better one.

This one is a Schwinn.

 It's called the "Clairmont" and it's available at Walmart for $169.99 (+ $20 for the 2 year warranty) It's light blue.. And my favorite part.. The bright yellow rims... AND the cute like peacock feather designs on it. It's so cute ^.^! I love it!

Now we have 2 Schwinns! We also have a 1972 Schwinn Twinn! It's so cool, and classic! Maybe I'll share a picture of it sometime ☺


  1. I have noticed a trend and I am so happy to see it- bikes are going from those no comfortable mountain bikes back to the old cruisers!

    I have one of the old old Schwinns almost like that and I love mine too!

  2. I love the cruisers too! I think they look nicer, and they are definitely more comfy :D

  3. Oh I love these bikes!! My husband collects Schwinns frames so we have like 10 sitting watiting to be restored!One day I suppose! Looks great!

    Thanks for stopping by!