Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - Wea is Getting so Big!

I've been trying to participate in "Wordless Wednesday" but it wasn't going so great.. I always ended up saying a bunch. So this week I am doing "Wordy Wednesday" :p

I honestly cannot believe how huge Wea is getting!

I remember when I first found her she was so tiny. She is getting way too big way too fast! She is seriously the longest cat I have ever had. Even though she is a kitten, her body (when she stretches) is as long as my thigh! (as pictured ^)

I have something fun planned for next Wordy Wednesday (hopefully.)

Remember all of those baby rats I had? Well I am going to do before and now's. So you can see how big they've gotten!


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  2. She has gotten big. Wow! Such a beautiful cat.

  3. Wea is such a pretty and unique her!!
    So glad you found her(or she found you:))

  4. Wea looks like she would be such a fun cat , she always looks up to something :)

  5. I adore cats!!! Cutie babies are so clever and graceful!!!