Saturday, October 29, 2011

BlogPOP Christmas Wishes... Coming Soon! Starts November 3rd!

The amazing BlogPOP Christmas Wishes Event is only a few days away.. 4 to be exact!

I wanted to do a little sponsor love for my amazing sponsors! 

Be on the lookout for this event, because I have some amazing prizes, from the following sponsors:

Spirit Hoods - 3 of you will receive a Spirit Hood of your choice!
RCA - 1 of you will receive a Small Wonder Camcorder (Valued at $179.99!)
Nuts About Granola: 3 of you will receive a delicious Sample Pack :)!
 Odyssa: 1 of you will receive a bag of choice.

Striped Shirt: 3 of you will receive 2 Shirts each :)
 Mangroomer: 1 of you will received a Private Body Shaver ($39.99 Value)
 Diamond Candles:
   And that's it!
Thank you so much to all of my sponsors!
 I have over $600 in prizes - So be on the look out! I promise - You will not want to miss this event :)!

The other blogs also have some amazing sponsors too! Stop by and follow them now, to save time later :D
I can't wait!!

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  1. Yay! I can't wait. I made sure I was following all the blogs with your original email, thanks.