Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Photo in the Agile Rat Photo Contest for October :)

 I loved this picture of Carlos, and my rat plushie (From Morumoto) so much, So I decided to enter it in the Agile Rat photo contest for this month ^.^

It's just for fun. So no big deal if I win or lose.

If I do win though; As most of you know - I have a fun little rattie fashion show with the won item.

Feel free to vote if you'd like.

You can vote by...
Clicking HERE. Then to the right find the words "Rattie Photo Contest" Click there, scroll down, find the picture above and vote :)! Simple

Thanks so much to everyone who votes! I really appreciate it ^.^ And so do the ratties :)


  1. Found you through the spicy weekend hop and while I'm usually not a fan of rats, I'll vote for them. You asked so nicely. :)

  2. voting for Carlos- I need to do a tweet for you yet but I keep voting then cant get the right link d'oh- tomorrow I will :)

  3. wow,your rat plushie really looks real..cute picture with Carlos! i will be voting for you,the Agile Rat photo contest isn't the same without you:)
    Happy Rocktober!!