Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: The Baby Rats: First 7 Days of Life - in Pictures!

As promised- I have the first week of the babies lives, captured - in pictures!

They have gotten so big already. It's still a little early to tell the sex of the babies, and if they are going to be hairless. But it kind of looks like almost all of them will be either Hairless, or possibly, Double Rex.

I've never had a Double Rex litter. If this were a regular litter I could say for sure that 10 of the 12 babies will probably be plain hairless.
What's Double Rex? When the mom rat, and dad rat both have curly fur, there is a chance that the babies will be hairless, have really curly fur, or be "double rex" which is when you have a rat that is mostly hairless - with splotches of hair.

1 type of rat I've always wanted is a Patchwork rat. They are so unique! They have fur that falls out, and grows back in different patterns. Patchwork's are extremely rare - But I am crossing my fingers ^.^

Anyway, here are the babies - One picture a day for a week.

 (Day 1 ^)

  (Day 2 ^)

  (Day 3 ^)

   (Day 4 ^) 
  (Day 5 ^ sorry, picture turned out a little blurry)

  (Day 6 ^)

(And Day 7 ^)

They barley fit in my hands anymore! I think within the next could days I think they should start opening their eyes :D. I'll also take pictures every day this week too, and share it for next Wordy Wednesday ☺

I also have a few cute pictures of single babies, that I thought you would enjoy:
  (You can't tell too much in this picture - But these 3 have a light brown color so far; Really unique!)
  (A cute close up of their fuzzy little faces ^.^)
  (And my 1 (and first ever!) masked baby! :) )

That's all for now, but come back next Wednesday, for more :D


  1. OH MY GOD. They are sooo cute! Huge squee right now =D

  2. They are so tiny and cute. Yes, I just said a rat was cute. Lucky, I'm not one to be scared of anything.

  3. I love them..awww...a masked special!!

  4. That are adorable! I adopted my 4 rats when they were 8 weeks old, so I didn't get to see them at this age. But I did adopt a dwarf hamsters 12 years ago who had babies and they were so cute. It was so neat watching them get older.

  5. They are sooo tiny and sooo cute :)

  6. They all so cute especially the little masked one.

  7. I found your blog through StumbleUpon and love your "time lapse" photos of your new babies.

    When I was younger I baby sat for a family with a rat and when the kids would go to sleep I hung out with the rat and watched tv. He would limb into my pocket and sleep.

    Felissa, Davinia, & Indiana

  8. Great pictures! They are so tiny and cute!

  9. Super cute!! I have rats too, and several other pets. I'm happy to find another blog that includes some not so typical furkids. :)

  10. OMGosh...I can not believe how fast they grow.
    they are soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

    I used to have mice back in college. My mommy mouse had one baby...yes one baby. lol

  11. They are cute, but not my "cup of tea." :)


    Stop by my blog if you like for some flying bats at the bottom of the Blog Hop post. :)


  12. I cant believe how fast they grow! I think taking a picture a day is a really cool idea!