Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Rat Pictures.. And Something Super Cool!

Sorry about missing Wordy Wednesday this past Wednesday. After my 2 losses, I just didn't feel like posting.

I do have a few pictures though, and like I said, something really cool!
I'm sure most of you haven't heard of it, but there is something in the rat world, called "Double Rex"

Double Rex rats are extremely rare, and unique. You get them from breeding curly haired rats.

Some Double Rex's have really cool, fun patterns that change, and others just have small changes, that are hardly noticeable. Well... It looks like I may have a couple Double Rex's on my hands! My 2 hairless babies were completely bald (as you may remember from previous pictures.) and now they are starting to get a little fur :D. It's so cool!

He looks so soft.. and trust me-he is! :)!

  Since I missed Wednesday, I just wanted to share a few :)!

I'll have more for this upcoming Wordy Wednesday :D