Monday, November 28, 2011

Found a Snakeskin!

I was walking home from work yesterday, and stumbled onto this giant snakeskin in our yard, when I was cutting through! It's crazy - Aaron found one just a little bit smaller earlier in the week, when he was walking the dogs! I'm starting to think we have some mega snake activity going on, because that's 2 giant snake skins, I found a weird hole in our yard the other day, and I also found a tiny broken egg :o!

I wonder what kind they are. Do you think there's some way to tell, just by their shed skin?

Thankfully, I'm not afraid of snakes.. But my grandma is terrified. She can't even stand looking at them on TV, LOL. She panics! So hopefully they stay clear of her!

The skin was really cool! Normally if we find them they are broken, or in pieces, and this one was completely intact - Even the face! (The eyes are so cool!)
I got some really nice pictures.. Enjoy :D

 I have a brand new (amazing!) camera coming, and I saved the skin, so I could get better pictures when it arrives :)

I can't wait for the new camera - I plan on getting lots of Rattie pictures :)


  1. That's so cool. Love the pictures of the skin. I'm not afraid of snakes either but my daughter is.

  2. I have 6 snake pets and the shedding process is very interesting :)

  3. Oh my goodness. I would be moving or finding something to get & keep them away. what if they found a small hole & got into our yall's home? I would freak out. They are very pretty though & BIG! lol

  4. I love snakes. I couldn't stand to keep one as a pet, not if I had to feed it little fuzzies. I found a snakeskin when I was young, years ago, probably near your neck of the woods, in Inverness. My grandparents had a cabin there.

    When we lived in the country, here in northwest Florida, we used to see snakes occasionally, even a couple of rattlers, but we left them alone and they left us alone.

    One of my most interesting experiences was raising some baby snakes from eggs. This herpetologist came on the morning show when I was the producer, and he left some corn snake eggs with the anchors. Said it would be fun to watch them hatch on air, which it would have been, but none of them wanted to deal with it, and I was afraid something would happen to them at the station. So, I took them home. Kept them in a little clamshell dish with a damp paper towel over them. (They're actually a bit soft, not like chicken eggs.) When they finally started hatching, it took them hours to make it out of their shells. It was tough to take those little snakes out and send them on their way just a day old, but that's what they do in the wild. It was a really cool experience.

  5. Cool,you definitely have snake neighbors!
    Shedding in one piece means good humidity and they are healthy too :)

  6. I'm also afraid of snakes! btw, yesterday's doodle is for you! :P