Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Google Page Rank Updated!

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

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I am happy I stayed a 3! Did yours change?

I'm so excited the update finally happened.. I was so nervous I'd drop! But thankfully, I didn't ^.^

You can check with the tool above, or visit PR Checker.


  1. I just went up to a 3...wooot woot~!!!! Thanx for the update...I love your site...all the li'l rats...my daughter's newest is named "Patience"...she's an albino and is sooo lady-like...hehe

  2. Congrats on going up to a 3 - That's great! :D

    Aw :) I have lot's of albino's, their great :)

  3. I have a 1 but it didn't show any info before so i guess 1 is better than none

  4. I really thought my PR would go up, but it stayed the same. I expect we'll both go up with the next update. I've never gone up back to back with each Google PR update.

    Bobbie Anne