Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Looking to Get New Blog Followers? Join in for the 59th Edition of Wobble Over Wednesday!

Welcome to the 59th Edition of Wobble Over Wednesday!

 Thanks for stopping by.

Don't know what Wobble Over Wednesday (WOW) is? Well, it's a fun blog hop! Just by simply adding your link below, you can make new friends, and get brand new followers for your blog!

There are no rules for Wobble Over Wednesday!

Of course, we would like to make Wobble Over Wednesday huge, because; The more people that join in, the more followers your bound to get!
I have a few suggestions of things you can do to help promote Wobble Over Wednesday.

•Blog about it- Every post helps! You can do this really fast, and easy by clicking the Share button at the bottom. Hit Share, then "More+" and then find the Blogger icon :)

•Tweet about it! It only takes about 15 seconds to Tweet! (Just simply click on the Twitter icon underneath the post, before the comments.

•Post it to Facebook! You can also post to Facebook in just a matter of seconds by simply clicking the share button, and then finding the Facebook logo.

You can also share any other way with the Share button :)

•And finally; You can also grab a Wobble Over Wednesday Button for your own, blog, or blog post! You can get the code for a button on the left hand side of my blog- Just scroll down a little ways, and you'll see it :)

Any of those things you do are truly, truly appreciated :)

There is also a little bonus for everyone who joins in for Wobble Over Wednesday. Each week a number is randomly drawn out of the previous weeks participants. If your number is drawn, you will get the #2 spot on the Linky List.

The winner will also receive a FREE week of adspace right near the top left of my blog :)! If you are  chosen as the weeks winner - You don't have to do anything; But if you'd like to Blog it, please feel free ^.^

Congratulations to this weeks winner; Entry Number 16: Golden-Charm


Thanks for joining! Please feel free to leave a comment after adding your link :)!


  1. thanks for the blog hop Amanda. i have just joined you via GFC (YTBlushingBasics).

    hope you can take a minute to check out my beauty blog. xo


  2. Newest follower!! :O) Thanks for the Hop! Happy Wednesday.
    Hope to see you over at Building our Story too!!


  3. First time seeing this...sorry, lived on the moon until now. BTW this is a great idea. Thanks!!! (^_^)


  4. Left my Link, If anyone visits me comment on my blog somewhere so I can follow you back! Thanks!!!


  5. Thanks!


  6. Thanksfor hostin, lets Hop!!!

    In, but out of my mind!


  7. new follower www.tryingtogogreen.com

  8. Thanks for this!