Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: The Baby Rats - First 3 Weeks of Life

I can't believe the babies are already 3 weeks old now! They grow way too fast! :(

They are walking everywhere, and they are just starting to nibble on solid food!

If you miss the first 2 weeks of life, I made a small photo collage of both for your convenience : ) Feel free to click on the images to enlarge them ☺

Days 1-7
 Days 8-14
  And here are days 15 through 21:
  (Day 15 ^)

(Day 16 ^ - Sorry, I didn't get very good pics on day 16)

 (Day 17 ^)
  (Day 18 ^)

 (Day 19 ^)

   (Day 20 ^ - I just love how curly their fur is! ^.^)

(Day 21 ^)

And here are a couple noted pictures of the week : :)

  (The 3 Hairless)
  (One of the hairless babies in my hand)

   (The babies swarming my hand)

And that's it for the babies this week :) More next week :D!
I'll leave you with a couple pictures of Wea - She's gotten really big!
I hope you enjoyed :)!


  1. My grand daughter aged 3, said they are so cute!


  2. I like the ones with the different colored heads- do you know how many boys/girls you have or how many are hairless for sure yet?

  3. I haven't check if they are male or female yet (I'm going to see if I can tell tonight) but 3 are hairless :)

  4. I always love seeing your baby rats grow up. I'm glad these are healthy and thriving. Does Wea enjoy watching them play? When I had my rat and several mice, my cat Mystery loved watching them play and run on their wheels. She never tried to get to them or hurt them, probably because she grew up with them around.

  5. She watches them like a hawk! And I do not trust Wea for a second, lol! When I take pictures and let the babies play I take Wea out to be safe.

  6. oh my goodness - thank you for sharing