Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: The Baby Rats (Week 4 of Life)

Sorry this is a little late everyone. My sleeping schedule is really funky right now.

So anyways, here are the newest pictures of the babies (Days 22-29.)

 (Day 22 ^ )

(Day 23 ^)
  (Day 24 ^ This was the last night my poor hairless baby was alive.)

 ( Day 25 ^ The Babies got too big for their box, so I had to put them in a tub full of hay for pictures, lol) 

This is what happened when I tried to put them in the shoe box:
  (Lol, the girl hairless baby squeezed through that little hole, and was holding on by her legs ^)

(Day 26 ^)
   (Day 27 ^)
    (Day 28 ^)
(Day 29 ^)

And Here are some featured/favorite pictures of the week (Including some of the big rats :) ):
(The Baby that passed away :'( )
  ( I have 2 Hairless Babies now; 1 is a girl, and 1 is a boy. This one with the black head, is a girl ^.^ ^)

(Arnie, my Russian Blue, getting a sip of water ^, Gosh I love this picture, what do you all think about possible this one for the next Agile Rat photo picture?)

  (Hehe, I love this one! It's so cute! That's Dan with the Red eyes, and Rudy with the Black Eyes.)

  (Weston, getting up close, and personal with the camera :D) 

And that's it for this week :)!

Until Next Week.. 

PS: How long would you guys like me to continue sharing pictures of the babies; Until what age?


  1. They grow so fast! I always find the hairless ones fascinating because well, they have no hair :D

    I am not sure which are my favorites- it is either the one with the black head or I really thing the one with the all tan head is cute too!

  2. I love taking pictures of the hairless ones. I need to stop though! I keep forgetting to get single shots of the others D:!

    Next week I'll have single shots of some of the others. It's funny because one of the cream colored ones will look up directly at the camera almost every time and he always gets the best shots lol.

    I love the color of the cream ones, but when they get older it mostly just fades into white - Not sure why :(. At the most they have a little light brown on their little noses.

  3. where do you live! i want one lol

  4. Haha! South West Florida - You can have pick of the litter ^.^

  5. Aww they are adorable. I love all of them. Mine are a year old now and I still take pictures and share them on my blog at times. People love seeing pics of the ratties.

  6. Awwws! I had a pet rat a long time ago. I also had 22 pet mice at one time!

  7. That little darlin in the second pic (looking at the camera lol!) has such a sweet face! I think I can pick it out in a couple of the other photos too. They are all adorable tho! I hope you will keep sharing their pictures indefinitely :)

  8. I'll keep looking at the photos for as long as you keep posting 'em. And I love that shot of Arnie!

  9. Im with Larissa -If you keep posting pictures, I will keep looking at them!