Friday, December 16, 2011

How is the weather there?


 (The view, from my pool, lol :))

How is the weather where you are this year? This year (so far) it hasn't even got cold. Well, it got cold for like 1 week  back in October, but besides that, the lowest it's been is in the mid 60's, and during the day it's in the 80's still. I wish it would get cold! I love the cold.

Some positive news. I'm feeling a little bit better today, and I started work again yesterday. I'm really nervous. I've never closed the store before, and I get 2 hours yesterday and 2 hours today of training, and then on Saturday I am closing by myself. I'm stressing out about that, but I am still glad to at least be working again.

Hope everyone is doing well, and Happy Holidays :)


  1. It's been cooler here in Las Vegas for the past couple of weeks. High today was 50F and the low was gets cold at night. But I love the cold weather.

  2. its been in the 80s and higher 70s here too. I'm sure we live in the same state

  3. JUSt had a tiny bit of snow this weekend but otherwise mostly dreary and cold. It at least put us in the Christmas spirit finally...been thinking we have SO much time as it really didnt seem like Christmas around here. Now we have a TON to do to catch up! Wow...I'd take 60 degrees right about now. In the 30's mostly here...