Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just wanted to let you all know..

My charger for my computer just broke. The wires near the top were "open" and it just stopped working. So unfortunately, I will have no way to access the internet, to do anything.

Right after I am done writing this, I am going to put up Wobble Over Wednesday, and put up one Giveaway, but after that, I won't be able to draw winners, or do anything until the new computer charger gets here.

Sorry everyone; If it's not here before Christmas; I hope you all have an amazing Christmas :)! I wanted to post a few pictures on Christmas.. So if I'm not able to before, I will as soon as I can.

Take care everyone!


  1. That stinks! I hope your charger comes soon!

  2. I hope your charger gets here soon! I will miss you....... but it is a good thing to take some time off from the internet :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your family!!!!

  3. I forgot though; I will have a little access to Twitter and Facebook via my phone :)

  4. OH Amanda, you should use your gift cards to get what you need instead of always giving things away...you are too generous sweetie! You can always post the pictures a bit later...we all would love to see them. I dont get out much so my computer has become a huge part of my life...but them when something does happen to it, it gives me a reality check that maybe I am on too much. So enjoy this little break with the "chains off" connecting to online. Happy Christmas Amanda, Aaron, and families!

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