Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nutrisystem! (I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger!) Week 29 with #nsnation

Well.. Lately I have been cheating a little. It's these darn Holiday's! I haven't been following my diet to a t - Which really stinks, because I want to hit that -50! I also want to look good for out trip to the islands :) - I know there's still time though! I know I'll get results with Nutrisystem, so I just have to be more strict. This week I was +2 :( Bringing my total down to 46.8lbs.

Even though I did gain, I know it was my fault. I had SO much food on Thanksgiving, and even during the weekend :( I need to re-gather myself, and get on the ball! I am determined to lost 55 or 60 by the time our trip comes!

I still had some delicious meals though, this week, from Nutrisystem! Here are this weeks featured meals:

The Sausage Patty:
  Still one of my favorites! It's a little small, but so delicious! :)

Mexican-Style Tortilla Soup:
 Yum! This soup is so so yummy! It has been one of my favorites since first starting my Nutrisystem journey. If you ever start your own journey, be sure to check this one out. In my opinion, it's the best soup Nutrisystem has :)

Dinner -
The Roast Turkey Madallions:
 So tender, and delicious; Just like all of the other frozen meals!

The Chocolate Rainbow Delights:
Melt in your mouth, delicious! :)

Overall, I had a rough week, but I'm going to stay positive, and keep my fingers crossed for next week :)

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  1. 46 pounds in nothing to sneeze at- you have to do before and after pictures soon!

    Just dont be naughty and you will be hitting that -50 before ya know it! :)