Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review and Giveaway: Ugly Sofa Slipcover - 1 Winner - US Only - Ends 12/20

I am so excited to tell you all about Ugly Sofa! I know that sounds a little silly, lol. The idea though, is to take an ugly sofa, and turn it into something new, and beautiful. If you have an ugly sofa, you can modernize it, or completely transform it with one of Ugly Sofa's beautiful slipcovers.

We actually have a really ugly sofa. It started out beautiful, but after the dogs took it over (and the cats) it started getting uglier.
Now it is hideous. Especially the right side. Sacagawea is just starting to claw  everything up  (and she's so good at it, because she has that 6th thumb, to help destroy things even better! ) because she has mastered taking off her Soft Claws,  and Noob has been tearing up our furniture for years.
  I am so embarrassed by the cat claw marks, so I couldn't wait to cover up our couch with the slipcover. The couch is actually really small, so I knew before even getting the slipcover, that the cover I chose would be a little big. With a little extra tucking though, it worked out great.
And I think it's a huge improvement from before.
You can't see it in my picture (because of the tucking, and how it pulled) but on the arms, toward the bottom, there are actually really cute bows (you tie them.)
  (From the Website; What the bows actually look like)

My favorite aspect of this cover is the soft feel. The cover is a type of velvet, and it is extremely soft, and comfortable to sit on. I found myself actually petting it, several times, lol.

Ugly Sofa has a great selection of slipcovers.. Stop by and check them out :)
Consider giving the gift of a "new couch" this year :)
 The Giveaway!
1 of you will receive a slipcover of your choice from Ugly Sofa! :)


  1. OOps, I just noticed that the info that is already entered into the Tweet for the extra entries are for the Uncommon Goods giveaway & not for the Ugly sofa... I wonder if it's been like that the entire time I've been leaving my extra entries each day?! Just an FYI :)

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