Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Imagine Fashion Designer for Nintendo 3DS by Ubisoft


Finally,  a great fashion game for young girls out there everywhere!

If you are a parent with a little girl, this game is definitely worth checking out! The is a really interactive game, which helps boost creativity, and is also really fun! Most little girls, at some point like playing "dress up" and raiding mommies closet, or make-up cabinet.. well with Fashion Designer for Nintendo 3DS, they won't want to anymore!

There is alot of things in the game that make fashion fun.  A few of the things you can do is create your own styles and become a magazine cover hit; you can also go world wide with your fashion.  Another thing kids will like is the "street pass" feature that lets you connect to other players around you and share or trade your designs. That's right.. You child's designs could be all over the place :)!

They can also use the camera on the Nintendo 3DS to create new unique original prints and patterns, which I think is really cool. You dont even have to go by whats in-game; When I was a little girl, I played a lot of dress up Barbie games, and it was always fun, but they never had the exact patterns, or shades, or styles, I was looking for, and that's what is so great about Fashion Designer.

You literally control every aspect of your creations; Like, the length:
  The color:
  And the applique:

This is a game I would highly recommend to any little girl (Age's 7+ Only.) Like I said, the game really helps show, and bring out your creativity, and every girl likes to have her own style. With Fashion Designer, they can show it!

Imagine Fashion Designer is available online for purchase at and

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  1. I would have so loved that when I was a kid!!

  2. looks like a lot of fun. thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like fun, I want to play this one!

  4. looks like a blast, my daughter would love that but she's probably too young!

  5. Perfect for anyone that likes to play dress-up like me!